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Archangel Haniel
(Babylonian, Cabalistic)

Also known as Anael, Aniel, Hamiel, Onoel.
Haniel's name means "glory of God," or "grace of God.” In ancient Babylon, a group of men known as "priests-astronomers" worked with astrology, astronomy, moon energy, and various deities for their divination and spiritual healing work. One of the archangels with whom they worked was Haniel, who was associated with the planet Venus.

Some Cabalistic texts credit Haniel as escorting Enoch to the spirit world. Enoch was one of only two humans to ever be transformed into archangels—in his case, into the Archangel Metatron. (The other case was the prophet Elijah ascending into the Archangel Sandalphon, as you'll read about later on.)

Haniel helps us recover the lost secrets of natural healing remedies, especially involving the harnessing of the moon's energy in potions,powders, and crystals. Haniel also helps us enjoy more grace in our lives. To add beauty, harmony, and the company of wonderful friends to your life, call upon Haniel. This archangel will also help you stay poised and centered before and during any important event, such as a speech, performance, first date, or job interview.

Archangel Haniel has a moon goddess energy: etheric, quiet, patient, and mystical. Haniel's wisdom comes from many eons of experience in working with humans. She says, "Yes, Impatient with humanity because I can see all the good they've created. For every moment of intolerance, there are hundreds of deep kindnesses to overshadow the darkness. The light of humanity shines brighter today than ever. If you could see humanity from my point of view, you'd know why I have such deep regard and love for you all. I'm happy to help in whatever cause advances humanity above the din of clashing egos, and elevates you to the level from which you have come: God's grace and eternal beauty."

Helps with:

If you've got an important function coming up that demands an excellent performance or refined social graces, ask Haniel to accompany you. You can call upon Haniel by thinking her name and describing your need, or by stating a formal invocation such as:

"Archangel Haniel, overseer of grace, poise, and charm, please bring your Divine energy of loving wisdom to [describe the situation]. Thank you for guiding my words, actions, and mannerisms and helping me to enjoy myself, while bringing blessings to everyone who sees or hears me. I ask that your Divine magnetism draw only positive energies to me. O thank you, glorious Haniel, thank you."