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Also known as Siddhartha Buddha, Buddha Goutama, Lord Goutama.
The name Buddha means "the Enlightened or Awakened One."
Born on the full moon, May 8 (the exact year isn't agreed upon, but it's believed to be in the 500 B.C. era), Prince Goutama Siddhartha grew up wealthy behind palace walls, with every need taken care of. As he grew older and walked beyond the palace, he noticed poverty-stricken, diseased and elderly people, individuals that he had not previously been aware of. Determined to help alleviate the suffering that he witnessed, the prince renounced his royal title and wealth and left the palace.

However, Siddhartha's ascetic life didn't bring him the full enlightenment he desired. So he sat beneath a bodhi tree and vowed not to rise until he'd become fully enlightened. He breathed in and out deeply during the evening of a full moon, dispelling bodily cravings and fearful thoughts. Once he overcame these lower energies, he began recalling his past lives. This helped him see the endlessness of life, and he was filled with understanding as to how to overcome unhappiness, pain, and death. When he arose from sitting, he was a Buddha.

Buddha's teachings about detachment from suffering through inner peace became the basis for Buddhism. Because he had lived both extremes of living—as a rich prince and as an ascetic—Buddha proposed that the key to happy living was "the Middle Way," or moderation in all things.

You may find that Buddha is easier felt than heard. When you call upon him, you'll probably feel a swelling of warm love in your heart. That's his calling card, a sign that you've truly connected with his loving presence.

Helps with:

Sit quietly, and focus upon the sound of your breath. Notice it slowing down as you listen. Feel and hear your heart beating in conjunction with your breath. Imagine that there's a magical door deep inside your being. It's a beautiful opening, decorated with powerful symbols and crystals.

From your heart, ask to connect with Buddha. Then imagine opening the door and seeing him there inside of you. Keep breathing deeply, feeling your connection through breath to beloved Buddha.

Fill your heart with his sweet kindness, his gentle power, and his surety. Feel the safety and peace that comes from being in his presence. Ask him any question that you like, feel the answer in your heart and body, and hear the answer whispered into your mind. Notice that all of Buddha's words are couched in utmost respect for you and everyone involved. Thank him after your meeting is concluded.