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(England, Wales, Iceland)

Also known as Creiddylad, Creudylad.
Cordelia is the beautiful goddess of spring and summer flowers, and of flower fairies. Shakespeare portrayed Cordelia as the daughter of King Lear in his play of the same name. However, she's actually the daughter of the sea god, Lir, so she was born a sea goddess.

Cordelia is celebrated on May 1 during Beltane, an ancient celebration marking the beginning of summer, when the weather is warm enough to allow ranchers to let cattle out of their pens and into the fields.

Cordelia came to me while I sat on the grounds of Stonehenge, leaning against one of the ancient stones. She gave me this message: "Merriment intertwined with ancient Celtic wisdom—I weave the stellar wisdom of astral energies with an infusion of pixie dust from the Earthly pollen of nature's wise ones. I'm an instrument of contradiction: the earth and the sky; the sunrise and the sunset; the cold and the heat. Extremes without compromise are a powerful combination. Feel them deep inside your ancient bones, connected with Mother Ground (what you call the Earth Mother). Your bones are borne of her, and in a continual loop will return to her once again.

"Feel the freedom of releasing yourself from Earthly concerns and walking in the middle between Earth and her stars, unconcerned for anything but joy, mirth, and playfulness as I help to teach you how to provide for all of your Earthly needs."

Helps with:

Call upon Cordelia whenever you feel stressed or trapped indoors. You can "escape" from office routines by closing your eyes and imagining yourself standing in a field of flowers with her during a perfect springtime afternoon. Mentally say to her:

"Beautiful Cordelia, I come to you as a friend in need of some time off from duties and responsibilities. Please take my hand and bring me fresh air, freedom, and the fragrance of flowers. Carry me away for a much-needed respite. Renew my spirit and fill my heart with joy, laughter, and playfulness. Help me carry this high energy in my heart and mind for the rest of the day. Help me approach my responsibilities with joy. Thank you!"