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(United Kingdom)

Coventina is a Celtic goddess who oversees the sprites and water nymphs. She's a goddess of rain, rivers, lakes, streams, ponds, oceans, and water-based creatures. Coventina loves the cattails and lily pads by riverbanks. She heals those who swim in the water while invoking her. Coventina also helps with the growth of vegetation near beaches, rivers, lake fronts, and islands.

Because of her relationship to water, Coventina can swim into psychic domains and help with inspiration, psychic abilities, dreams, and prophecies. She's also associated with purification and cleanliness, and you can call upon her for a spiritual baptism to relieve you of worries and judgments, and to help you abstain from unhealthful and addictive substances.

In ancient times, people would throw coins into a well associated with Coventina to request her assistance. (This is believed to be the origin of the "wishing well.") Because of the bounty of coins, Coventina represents abundance in all ways. Legend also associates Coventina with flying fish, and today she can be invoked to fly in airplanes safely and fearlessly.

Since Coventina is primarily considered a British divinity (although she helps out worldwide), it was fitting that I talked with her while at the ancient stone circle temple, Stonehenge, in southern England. She told me, "I will help anyone who is involved with ecological welfare, especially concerning water cleanliness, the preservation of water and its inhabitants, and water run-off issues. I'm dedicated to the whales, dolphins, and cetaceans."

Helps with:

Coventina works with us in our dreams, if we call to her before going to sleep. She'll bring the higher selves of dolphins and whales alongside her. Together, they will give you high-level messages that you may not remember the next morning, but whose information will be incorporated into your subconscious mind, where it will help you with answers and guidance. So, before going to sleep, say to her:

"Coventina, I ask that you and your dolphin and whale companions enter my dreams tonight and take me above the third-dimensional plane to the place of answers and wisdom. [Ask her any questions that you would like answered during the night.] Thank you for your help and strong support."