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(United Kingdom)

Damara's name means "gentle." She's a sweet and docile goddess of home and hearth who helps with family harmony—that is, maintaining peaceful energy within the domestic realm. Damara also assists with the manifestation of money to help pay for family expenses.

She says, "I'm happy to heal, guide, and help you feel the heat of love, passion, and deep caring unadulterated by fear or worry. I'm also glad to help heal children's cuts, bruises, and hurt feelings. I'm especially available to help families with young children. I will gladly guide a mother in decision-making for her family's welfare. And if the woman is considering decisions about whether to divorce or leave her children's father, she can call upon me for input and assistance."

Helps with:

Call upon Damara whenever you need help with household relationships, including those with your spouse, live-in partner, roommate, parents, or children—in other words, if you need intervention with anyone with whom you're living. Here's an example of how to contact her. Close your eyes and think:

"Damara, I need your help right away, please! I ask that you go to [name of person in household you need help with] and discuss my desire for peace and harmony. Please let [name] know that I'm a loving person with good intentions. Please help [name] to drop all judgments about me, and for me to do the same, in turn. Damara, I ask that you fill our home with so much energy of love that nothing else can exist. When anyone enters this home, they're healed. I'm so grateful for this intervention, Damara."