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Also known as Ambika, Ghagavati, Devee, Ida, Shakti.
Devi is a Hindu or Vedic goddess who is known as the "Universal" or "Great" mother. The "Mother" in the term Mother-Father God, she's the female energy of God. Devi, therefore, is the embodiment of God-power: absolute, creative, and supportive. She's one of India's most important and powerful goddesses.

The term Devi is sometimes used generically to describe any goddess. All goddesses are considered to be aspects of the One Devi, who is the female energy of the One Creator.

As I called upon Devi while sitting on a bluff overlooking the Pacific off the Kona coast in Hawaii, I first felt a motherly energy feed me a sweet-tasting substance. It felt like Mom was giving me a treat.

Devi said, "Let me sweeten your palate [similar to cleansing your palate] so that you can fully taste, hear, and understand my joyful message. Cleansing is a vital first step, allowing even greater messages of love to come through.

"Drop all thoughts of worldly possessions as you hear my call. The world needs you to minister to the grief that permeates the very essence of others' souls. I'm pushing you toward compassion in action—taking steps to heal the world's aching grief.

"My heart swells with love and gratitude for those who reach out in service and kindness for people in need. You cannot be devastated by loss when your heart is fixed upon helping others. It takes you out of self-consciousness when you're attuned to ministering to others.

"I'm here to minister alongside you so that you can feed the populace's hungry hearts and bodies. I want to protect young children from growing wary of love and becoming frozen in their hearts. Hell is literally when people's hearts freeze over, rendering them cold and useless and preventing them from participating in the planet's heart song.

"Many individuals are growing restless at this juncture, and they need shepherding into the new atmosphere that embraces love and love's manifestations."

Helps with:

Devi is best contacted while sitting alone in nature, either in a comfortable chair or on the sand, grass, or ground. Wrap your arms around yourself in an embrace, and imagine that Devi is joining you, giving you a hug. Feel her love in your heart and body, and breathe it in even deeper with a long inhalation and slow exhalation. Mentally ask her to come into your heart, mind, and body and purify away any toxins, staleness, darkness, or hardening of your feelings. Feel her beams of loving energy directed throughout your body, and know that she's carefully purifying you in the most thorough yet gentle way. You may find that you twitch as she releases lower energies. When your body feels still, stay in mental communion with her as long as you feel comfortable. Ask her to help you stand up, and feel the renewal of energy in your body. Give thanks to Devi, and make plans to be with her often.