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Also known as Diana Of Ephesus.
Sharing attributes similar to that of the Greek goddess Artemis, Diana is a moon goddess who helps with fertility and abundance. The daughter of the chief god, Jupiter, Diana is called the goddess of childbirth because her mother bore her painlessly. Immediately after Diana was born, she helped with the birth of her twin brother, Apollo. Diana is associated with bathing and purification. At the Temple of Diana in Ephesus, Turkey (one of the largest temples in the ancient world, and one that is noted in Acts 19 in the Bible), female followers would engage in ritual hair-washing at Diana's shrine.

Diana spends time with elementals, and forest and wood nymphs. She is particularly fond of women, and also helps lesbians with relationship and societal issues. She's usually depicted with the bow and arrow that her father gave to her as a young girl, symbolizing female strength and power. One night as the moon was waxing, Diana said to me, "I help you [meaning everyone] rise above all Earthly concerns, in the same way that the moon hovers above the earth. Be like the moon, shining light gaily upon others, and then like the new moon, regularly withdrawing for personal respite.

"The moon isn't afraid to shine, nor does it fear attention, ridicule, or rejection. These lower fears sink Earthlings into despair and depression because the soul knows that it's capable of so much more! The soul doesn't like to be harnessed or restrained—oh, no! Unleash yourself completely, so that I may shine upon you as a reflection of your outwardly manifested holiness."

Helps with:

Diana's connection is especially strong on moonlit nights. However, you can always contact her at any time.

"Diana, please help me shine brightly like you. Assist me in releasing anxieties about ridicule or rejection so that I may enjoy being my true self fully. Take me to a higher place, where I may best serve humanity as a shining example of one who listens to inner wisdom, love, and guidance. Help my life to be full, very full, of light. Thank you."