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Also known as Forete.
The Norse god of justice, fairness, arbitration, and reconciliation, Forseti, whose name means "presiding one," stills all strife; in other words, he's the ultimate peacemaker. He's an arbitrator in Heaven, listening to both points of view in arguments, and creating win-win solutions. He resolves differences with love so that everyone involved in the original dispute is persuaded to reconcile.

I spoke with him at twilight atop the monolithic stones of the Joshua Tree National Park in California, where he said, "I'm here, guiding your trail at every turn. The wheels of justice seem to move slowly, but I'm behind the scenes, working tirelessly on your behalf. Whatever legal ties or angles seem to be thrown at you, I'm here to bounce them straightaway. Think of me as the ultimate lawyer of legal peace and justice—I'm free of cost, I make house calls, and I respond to your entreaties immediately."

Helps with:

Call upon Forseti when legal matters arise, or are threatened. He goes to work on your behalf immediately:

"Dear Forseti, I ask for your intervention into this situation, to promote an awareness of kindness and fairness. Thank you for the peaceful resolution of this dispute, which is now being completely resolved."