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(United Kingdom)

Also known as Gwenhwyfar.
Guinevere, whose name means "white one," is a goddess of love relationships, fertility, and motherhood—and she also works with the flower fairies. Her painting graces the cover of this book.

She's the Celtic triple goddess behind the story of King Arthur, Camelot, and the Round Table. At Glastonbury Abbey in southern England, two graves are marked with placards indicating that King Arthur and Guinevere may be buried there. The Abbey is magical, sacred, and filled with white doves—one of my favorite places on Earth. It's not hard to imagine that Arthur and Guinevere would rest in such an enchanting place.

I invoked Guinevere at Avebury, which is an ancient magical stone circle (similar to Stonehenge, but much larger) in southern England. I asked her, "What do you most want to help us with?"

Guinevere replied, "Romantic entanglement is my specialty, for I have empathetic resonance with every woman who has suffered the fate of feeling unloved or unlovable in quest of romance. Any woman who feels she's on the wrong foot 'in a man's world'—walking on uncharted territory—should explore this world with me as her steady companion. "

Helps with:

Draw a heart and stare at it while you call on Guinevere for help with romantic concerns:

"Sister Guinevere, you appreciate the depth of love within my heart, and my capacity to give to another. You understand my desires completely. I now give you permission to intervene as my romantic intermediary, preparing me for a wonderful relationship, and opening my heart and mind to profound love infused with spirituality, honor, trust, and commitment. Thank you for helping me be with my One True Love without delay."

Then kiss the drawing of the heart, and hold it to your chest. Imagine that it's your Beloved Soulmate, and send loving energy to this person (even if you're not yet aware of who it might be). Ask Guinevere to help you maintain faith in romantic love.