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Also known as Athor, Athyr, Hat-hor, Hat-Mehit, Hawthor, Tanetu, The Celestial Cow, Queen of the Earth, Mother of Light, The Eye of Ra.
A Hathor is the ancient and beloved Egyptian goddess of the sun, sky, newborns, and the dead. Her celebrations were marked with a lot of drinking, music, and dancing, so Hathor is considered to be a patron of music, dance, and mirth. She's also associated with feminine beauty, cosmetics, fashionable clothing, and romantic relationships.

Hathor is a love and fertility goddess who helps bring soulmates together, oversees conception, protects pregnant mothers, acts as a midwife, and helps with raising children. As a multipurpose goddess responsible for nurturing all newborns, as well as helping the dead cross peacefully to the underworld, Hathor divided herself into seven goddesses to get everything done. She was then referred to as "the Hathors."

She says, "When it comes to fairness, the heart already knows what the truth is. So, I do not judge—I simply lead the person inward quietly so that they can hear the decision of their heart.

"I'm not here to chase down or interrogate anyone—that's not my role at all. I'm more like a guide along the most vital trek of all, that which entails making decisions regarding 'How shall I live my life?' Each and every moment affords us ample opportunities to seek and grow. Rest is apart of the operation, too, to be sure.

"But indecision leads us away from ourselves, and ultimately, then, from our Creator-Source, Indecision rests upon the inability to hear and trust the voice of one's own heart. My role, then, is to send my magical energy outward to those who request my assistance through prayer, worry, or even casual conversation.

"Those who are prepared, absorb my rays, which tip the scales of indecision in the direction of the true heart's desires. In this way, I'm a truth detector; however, it's up to each individual to summon courage to see and live their own truth. "

Helps with:

Hathor loves dance and music, so play music and sway or dance as you contact her:

"Dear Hathor, I now surrender my decision to you, my higher self, and the Creator, and I get out of the way. Thank you for helping me make the best possible decision for the highest good for everyone concerned. Please help me clearly hear the decision within my mind and heart, and give me the courage and energy to follow that guidance."