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(Egypt, Greece)

Also known as Har, Harendotes, Harmakhet, Haroeris, Har-pa-Neb-Taui, Harseisis, Harpokmtes, Hor, Hows, Ra-Hamkhte.

Horus is a powerful falcon-headed sky and sun god representing strength and victory. His father, Osiris, was killed by his uncle, Seth. His mother, Isis, magically brought Osiris back to life just long enough to conceive Horus. Then Seth killed Osiris again and dismembered his body so that he couldn't be revived. To avoid Seth's murderous actions, Isis bore and raised Horus in the papyrus marshes of Buto. Isis used the magical skills she'd learned from Ra and Thoth to keep Horus safe.

When Horus was a young man, he fought Seth to avenge his father's death. During the battle, one of Horus's eyes was injured. Eventually, Horus won the throne of both upper and lower Egypt. After that, Horus represented strength, victory, and justice. Every pharaoh in ancient Egypt was considered a living incarnation of Horus.

Horus appears as a falcon head with a large eye (the uninjured one) representing the third eye of clairvoyance. This all-seeing eye also helps us see the truth in all situations.

My experience with Horus (who has been one of my guides for some time) is that he doesn't talk much, but is more of a man of action. He puts his falcon eye up to your third eye, like a lens that gives you clearer psychic vision and insights into any situation on your mind. He helps you see the current truth about issues and how to heal the situation.

Horus's magical healing formula is: to see all people in the situation through the eyes of love. See them as being sweet, loving, and pure . . . which they are in spiritual truth.

Helps with:

You can call upon Horus to help you with spiritual or physical vision. The invocation can be done with your eyes either open or shut. You'll probably feel a tingling in your head, especially around the eyes and between the eyebrows when you say this invocation:

"Dear Horus, please lend me your eye so that I may see clearly. I ask for your intervention into my vision in all ways. Open my third eye fully so that I may see spiritually like you! Open my physical vision so that I may see clearly like you! Open my mind's eye completely so that I may see the inner plane like you! Thank you for clear sight. Thank you for releasing me from fear completely. Thank you for opening my eyes fully, that I may drink in the delicious sight of truth and beauty."