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Ida -Ten

Also known as Idaten.
Ida-Ten is the Japanese god of law, truth, purity, legal victory, and justice.

A protector of monasteries, he has miraculous speed. As a mortal, he was a handsome young general in charge of protecting Buddhist monks, and Buddhism itself. Ida-Ten can guard against religious persecution or help you avert ridicule with respect to your spiritual beliefs.

As quiet as a church mouse, this mild-mannered deity whispers powerful, provocative advice into your ear regarding legal moves and maneuvers. Highly ethical, Ida-Ten nonetheless says, "I consider lawsuits a, form of sport wherein the champion exhibits superior wit, outsmarting the other like in a game of chess. "

Helps with:

Ida-Ten can be contacted as you're coming out of meditation to seal your practice with positive energy. Mentally say to him:

"Precious Ida-Ten, all-loving and protective force from above, please surround my spiritual project now. Insulate me from all forms of fear so that I may be spared any harsh treatment or words. Prevent me from making judgments of any kind, and help me walk in truth while avoiding controversy. Peace is my true desire, Ida-Ten. Thank you."