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(Assyria, Babylonia, Mesopotamia)

Also known as Absus, Inanna.
A Babylonian mother and warrior goddess with multiple unique traits ranging from gentleness to motherly protection, Ishtar is also invoked for healing physical pain and maladies.

She's associated with Venus, and some even believe her to be the embodiment of the planet itself. Ishtar openly displays her sensuality, and this may be why some fundamentalists have judged and rejected her.

As I invoked Ishtar, I clairvoyantly saw a picture of me standing with lots of ants crawling near my feet. Ishtar showed me that lower energies or thought-forms were similar to a herd of ants and other insects crawling on the ground—distracting and irritating if they crawled on one's feet, but ultimately not dangerous.

She then shined a beam of light from above my head, downward, which formed a circle around me, as if I were standing in a shower of bright light. The ants couldn't penetrate the light, nor did they want to. They would crawl right up to the light and then bounce back as if they'd just run into a wall of glass.

Ishtar said, "Allow me the pleasure and honor of draping you in this robe of light, darling. I'm at your service, and know that this doesn't diminish my ability to perform humble service. I know that the noblest of professions is to shine beams of light to cast away shadows and to illuminate the highest of Divine wisdom. Make no mistake about it: I'm here to ease and eliminate pain, suffering, and sorrow through my protective stance.

"Allow me to shield you with my barriers of light that only allow love to come shining through, and filter out negativity in all forms. A positive new day shines for you, as you are draped in my robe of loving light. Drink it in, Dear One. Quench your thirsty soul away from all fear."

Helps with:

Burn a white candle and stare at the flame, or stare at any light source as you speak to Ishtar. This is an especially effective invocation if you've just experienced a negative situation and wish to shake off its effects:

"Divine Ishtar, I stand in the midst of pure light with you now. Thank you for draping me in this light and showering me with the energy of love. I thirst for this love, so please quench me now. Wash away all effects of fear, and unleash me from others' fearful thoughts completely. Release me, release me, release me. Intervene with the others involved in this situation and rinse away any remaining ill feelings. I'm now free, and everyone involved is free as well. This is the truth. Thank you, Ishtar."