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Also known as Divine Mother, Goddess of the Mysteries, Goddess of Nature, Isis Myrionymos, Lady of Magic, Lady of Sacred Sexuality, Mistress of Hermetic Wisdom.
Isis is a multifunctional Egyptian moon goddess who embodies femininity, motherhood, magic, healing, and power. She married her brother Osiris and launched on a career teaching women across Egypt about home-life skills. While she was away, her other brother Seth murdered Osiris. Upon discovering the murder, Isis helped revive her husband from the dead, and they conceived a son, Horus.

Egyptian scholars regard Isis as the original high-priestess of magic. Legend says that Isis convinced Ra to reveal his secret name to her. Once she heard the name, Isis was automatically privileged to receive a complete understanding of high magic. (Thoth, the god of high magic, helped her refine and direct her knowledge.) It's said that Isis used a magical rod for her healings and manifestations, and used rattles to remove negative energies and lower spirits.

Isis is considered an Underworld Queen due to her resuscitation of her dying (and then dead) husband, and also due to her work escorting the dead in general. Her protective wings are engraved around Egyptian sarcophaguses, as they symbolize Isis's ability to renew the souls of the dead.

When I called upon Isis, I heard her say, "I am Isis, Egyptian queen of the Nile!" And there she was: a beautiful woman wearing a shawl of large bird wings outstretched like the largest eagle's wing span. She was very feminine, thin, and elegant—the epitome of classiness. She was constantly observing, watching everything like a hawk. I could tell that she had a blunt, to-the-point side to her, expressing her powerful leadership qualities.

She said, "Have patience with yourself [she meant everyone, in a universal sense] while you're still growing and learning. Give countless thanks to yourself for your baby steps along the way. Although they may seem insignificant to you, they're major milestones for your inward self.

"Celebrate each step," Isis repeated. "As you appreciate every task that you complete, every kindness that you exhibit, everything—no matter how seemingly small—very soon life takes on the quality of a grand celebration. This is the antithesis of separation from the Divine, and it's your magic elixir for the ages."

A beautiful friend of mine, Insiah Beckman, had a powerful experience with Isis when she traveled to Egypt in 1999. She's been actively working with Isis ever since. She told me:

"In Egypt, I became one with all life near the Temple of Isis. I could hear the ground, the pebbles, the grass, the Nile, the trees, and everything around me speak. I heard these beautiful voices say to me: 'Welcome home! Welcome home! You have come home again. This is where you lived many, many lifetimes ago!'

"A message was then channeled to me to reclaim who I am and begin my work. I knew then that I incorporated the energy of the goddess Isis that I had left behind in my last lifetime on Earth. The Isis energy is the energy of the Divine Mother— it's the loving and nurturing energy that all the Divine Mothers carry. I believe that they are one and the same, and that they're reincarnations in different forms and cultures to meet the times.

"My experience is this expansiveness that I feel at times, when my heart and energy field totally open up and incorporate all life with love and compassion. My prayer every day is for love, peace, understanding, and respect among all cultures, races, religions, and all life. I abhor any form of disharmony that puts my energy field totally out of sync."

Helps with:

Picture Isis standing behind you with her eagle wings extended, as if you have wings yourself. As you breathe, feel her power infused within you. Notice the loving and graceful energy of her strength. Be aware the blissful feelings of peace as you say:

"Beautiful Isis, goddess of peaceful power, please infuse me with your graceful strength and your loving confidence. Help me be like you: refined, poised, confident, and loving. Help me soar like an eagle in all ways, inspiring and helping others as I fly high. Thank you."