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Also known as Esyllt, Iseult, Isolde, Ysolt, Ysonde.
Isolt is the goddess of love and passion in relationships, who helps enhance sexual satisfaction, and offers assistance in finding a soulmate. Princess Isolt was the daughter of an Irish king during the reign or Arthur of Camelot. The various and conflicting legends about her passionate and tragic romantic entanglements with Tristan, prince or Cornwall, have earmarked Isolt as a goddess to the lovelorn.

I invoked her while sitting in an inverted boat that had been made into a temple, high above the Irish sea on a misty morning. Before any spirits would agree to talk with me on this day, the fairies first asked me to remove trash that someone had left on the sand. Once I did so, they opened the way for my transmissions.

I then called upon Isolt, the goddess of passion and sex. I was told that she was out of range "at a very high frequency." Finally, as I invoked further, I was clairvoyantly shown a rainbow with lightning bolts radiating from its underside. "Isolt is a ray," I was told, a heavenly energy of deep, genuine, playful, and all-consuming love. "Sprinkle it on any occasion like sugar," I was told playfully. Far more than a heroic goddess entity, Isolt is an energy beam that spreads when we tap in to it. I was told that we can use it for our love lives whenever and as often as possible. It's healing, and also aphrodisiac-like in its attracting power.

Helps with:

Put your hand on your chest and feel your heart beating. Imagine rainbow-colored rays of energy emanating from your hand, encircling your heart. Then call on Isolt:

"Loving Isolt, please send passionate energy filled with healthy and romantic love through my hand and into my heart. Thank you for healing anything that could block me from enjoying passion and romance completely. Thank you for opening my heart to true love."