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(Judeo - Christian.)

Also known as Jeshua, Lord and Savior, Lord Jesus, Christ, Sananda.
What we know about Jesus of Nazareth comes from the four Gospels and the letters of Paul in the New Testament. Since the Gospels were written 70 or more years after the physical passing of Jesus, it's obvious that none of the authors met Jesus during his human lifetime. Their accounts, then, are based upon secondhand (or more) information passed down through time. No historian who lived during the time of Jesus' human life mentioned him in written accounts of that time period. Yet, there's no arguing the impact that this man has made on humanity up to the present day. Everything from the Gregorian calendar to religious institutions, from wars to spiritual healings, are based on his life in some way.

Many people report seeing apparitions of Jesus, and they often experience miraculous healings as a result. My books Angel Visions and Angel Visions II contain several stories about Jesus' miraculous powers. Testimony also comes from those who pray for Jesus' intervention . . . who then witness a miracle that they know was a result of those prayers. Other people report feeling deep love and comfort when they sense Jesus' presence near, or within, them.

Many have studied Jesus' approach to healing sickness, and they've applied those principles to garner impressive results. Many Christian and New Thought churches emphasize Jesus' teachings about love and forgiveness, and promote these methods as ways to cure personal and worldly ills.

There's a widespread belief that Jesus is watching over the world and its inhabitants, ensuring that harm doesn't befall us. In New Age circles, Jesus is believed to be the head of the Great White Brotherhood, a committee of great spiritual teachers and healers overseeing the spiritual renaissance on the planet.

My own experiences with Jesus are lifelong and extensive. I call upon him before every healing session, and have always found him to be the greatest healer among my friends in the spirit world. He is equally powerful with people and divinities of all religious and nonreligious backgrounds, and emanates unconditional love that can heal someone plagued by guilt, fear, and unforgiveness.

Helps with:

Picture Jesus standing in front of you. From your heart, send him as much love as you can feel and imagine. Notice what happens next: The love is returned to you, magnified manyfold. Keep sending and receiving this love, monitoring your breath to make sure that you're breathing in this healing energy.

At the same time, mentally tell Jesus anything that's bothering you, minor or major. Pour your heart out to him, and reveal your deepest secrets—he's absolutely trustworthy and will always use this information in a positive way. Then, ask him to intervene and give you direction as to how to heal the situation. Don't tell him how to heal it; just know that it's in his loving hands, and that he will work directly with God to create a peaceful resolution for everyone involved. Give thanks in your heart, and let go.