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Also known as Maat, Maa, Maet, Maht, Mat, Maut.
The Egyptian goddess of truth, fairness, and justice, Maat is the daughter of the sun god, Ra, and consort/wife of the magical scribe god, Thoth. Legend says that when Ra created the world, he created his daughter to be the embodiment of integrity.

Maat is the goddess of fairness, integrity, promises, truth, and justice. Her symbol is the feather, which she uses with a scale of justice to weigh the heaviness of guilt or deceit within a newly deceased soul's heart.

She has impeccable abilities to discern true character, honesty, and motives in people. Invoke Maat to keep dishonest individuals and situations away from you, and for protection against dark or lower energies. If Maat deems your motives to be pure, she'll treat you with the warmest love. If not, then she may put you through trials of purification—or you can engage in rituals, lifestyle changes, affirmations, and ceremonies to avert her trials and bring you her comradeship. She doesn't judge; she's truth itself. Maat also oversees legal matters to ensure harmony and honesty.

She says, "Everyone possesses magical abilities, and for a younger woman, the key lies in being very attuned to her menstrual cycle. As she practices building greater harmony with the cycles of the moon and realizes their connection to her flow, she will become 'moon-struck' and open herself to a shift that unleashes practical and esoteric abilities—both of which will create in her a beautiful confidence only seen in great displays of feminine energy. The big cats, for instance, are unapologetic about their power. They‘re enchanting because they put their full force in each step.

"For men and women who are not of childbearing age, the cycles of the moon do not have such obvious marks, yet we're all still affected. Anyone— even spirits—within the gravitational pull of this planet will feel the sway-that the moon creates."

"Pay exquisitely close attention to your relationship with the moon, this great source of light. Visit her often. You will find her to be a source of magical abilities that will give you important messages."

Helps with:

If you're confused or undecided about a situation, ask Maat to help you clarify your true feelings and intentions. She'll give you insight into the other people involved in the situation as well. Before you call upon her, though, be absolutely certain that you're willing to face the truth and possibly receive information that you don't want to know (such as being told about someone's lack of integrity, for example).

When you're ready to work with Maat, show her respect by sitting upright. Then say:

"Beloved and Powerful Maat, please come to me now. You are the shower of truth and integrity, and I need you to Shine your light upon [describe the situation or name the person involved]. Please shine the light of truth onto my mind and heart, helping me feel and know its wisdom. Please help me release any narrow thinking that could blind me to the facts, and help me use the truth as the foundation for all actions. Thank you."