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Also known as Mab, Medb, Medhbh, Madb, Queen of Connacht.
A powerful warrior goddess whose name means "intoxicated woman," Maeve is renowned for her strong will and her ability to manifest whatever and whomever she wants. She's associated with the menstrual cycle and feminine beauty. Maeve is also a fairy queen and land goddess who is loved by horses.

Call upon Maeve anytime you need guidance about natural and alternative healing methods. For instance, when you're in a health-food store, ask Maeve to guide you to vitamins, minerals, herbs, and oils to help with whatever situation you need assistance with. Like a friendly and wise shopping companion, Maeve will steer you to the right products or books to use.

I spoke with her near a river laced with fragrant flowers outside Dublin, Ireland. The area was rich with beautiful fairies who were tending to the flowers. Maeve came quickly when I called her, and she told me:

"I oversee the magical kingdom of the fae. I'm not one of the fairy folk, but I delight and am invoked in their Divine plan and mission. Therefore, when you call upon them, you likely also call upon me. My mission is to be a leader, and to untwist spells so that they can be purified and centered before their delivery to the fairy folk. You might say that I'm a mediator or translator between them and yourselves, making sure that the wishes they grant you are of the highest value.

"Unlike the angels on-high, the fairy folk live in more of a time density and must use their time wisely. So must you! You can ask me to ferret out your material wishes, as I'm also keen to provide for you in the highest way. Yet I help you avoid possessions that would in fact 'keep' you and require such high maintenance as to distract you from your lighted pathway.

"I'm especially fond of the healers among you, and must admit a special -enchant for the youth involved in healing ambitions. Ask me for advice on verbal alchemy, potions, oils, and elixirs. I infuse them with magical energies of the highest caliber!"

Helps with:

Maeve comes whenever or wherever she's needed; however, you may find that your initial conversations with her are clearer and easier to discern if you begin speaking with her outside in nature, especially where flowers grow freely. Look at a flower and imagine the fairies flitting in and out of the petals, tending them with joy and love. Then mentally say:

"Queen Maeve, it is I [state your name]. I'd like to get to know you, and I respectfully ask for your mentorship in my healing work and on my spiritual path. I'm sincerely dedicated to healing, and I promise to continue taking good care of the environment. I'm willing to help in your mission of world healing, and ask that you take me under your powerful wings and guide me clearly and powerfully. Thank you for opening doors to my healing work and career."