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Mary, the Beloved Mother
(Judeo-Christian, Catholic)

Also known as Mother Mary, Our Lady of Guadalupe Virgin Mary, Queen of the Angels.
Mary's historical data isn't well known, as the four Gospels that describe her don't go into much detail. Other documents about Mary, such as the Proto-Evangelion of James, discuss her birth, childhood, and adulthood—however, scholars can't agree on the validity of such texts. And then there are the New Age books, which provide information about Mary's life based on channeled or regressed information.

The Gospels say that Mary lived her life in Nazareth, which was a small working-class village. She lived with her husband, Joseph; her son. Jesus; and—according to historians—Joseph's four sons and one daughter from his first marriage. Because Joseph worked outside the home as a carpenter or furniture maker, Mary likely spent most of her time tending to family and household needs. Most women in Mary's time didn’t receive any education or literacy training. Historians and religious scholars speculate that Mary led a difficult life, struggling to raise enough money for food and taxes, and trying to avoid the dangers of ongoing military and political uprisings.

New Age authors speculate that Mary may have taken baby Jesus to Qumran and temporarily lived among the Essenes, where they both learned the mystical secrets of the Dead Sea Scrolls. They also hypothesize that the brothers and sisters in the household were also offspring of Mary and Joseph.

Many modern-day people, especially children, have seen visions of Mother Mary in places such as Fatima, Lourdes, and Guadalupe. Mary's apparitions and the messages that she delivers to those who see her help us recognize the presence of miraculous masters among us.

Mary has been called "the Queen of the Angels," and her famous interactions with Archangel Gabriel during the annunciation certainly herald this title. Her present persona, too, is definitively angelic: She's I among the most loving, patient, and kind of the ascended masters. The angels love her, and they work with her to effect miracles. Yet, behind her gentleness, there's a firm "mother bear" who lovingly warns us to shape up.

Mary is especially concerned with children, and she counsels us to use wisdom, intelligence, and love in our parenting decisions. She's especially watchful of the new "Indigo and Crystal Children," who bring t gifts of salvation to the planet. Mary will assist anyone whose life purpose involves helping these young ones, and she will open doors to child advocates. She helps those whose intentions are benevolent toward children, including those who seek to abolish chemicals that harm children's psyches, including dietary pesticides and additives, and psychoactive medications such as Ritalin. A woman named Mary Frances sent me this story explaining how Mary helped her and her children:

"I was 39, pregnant, and quite large. My daughter was seven years old. We were taking care of a friend's daughters on this day and decided to drive to the coast to gather seashells. We drove the car into a very sandy lot, parked, and enjoyed the day at the beach. Then we all got into the car, and lo and behold, we couldn't get out of the deep sand. The wheels of the car were stuck. We all got out to see if the car would move without our weight in it, but it wouldn't. Nothing seemed to work. We were stuck, and all alone in a very isolated location!

"My daughter began crying and praying aloud. She said, 'Oh, dear Virgin, you've said that we should call you anytime we need your help. We're stuck in the sand, my mother is pregnant, and I can't push the car as I'm too small. Please, please, please.' The other two girls laughed and asked me, 'Does she really believe this?' I answered, 'Of course she does!'

"It was getting dark, though, and we all began to worry— when from out of nowhere, a pickup truck with three men came into view. The men stopped and pushed us out of the sand, and we were on our way in no time. I couldn't help but look at my friends daughters and say, 'See?!'"

I frequently call upon Mary for help with healings and guidance, and I always find that she fills my heart with the sweetest warmth and love. I recently asked Mary for a message when I visited a shrine dedicated to her at the magnificent (circa 1200) cathedral in Cologne. My lower back felt stiff and sore from traveling, so I also lit a white candle in front of her statue and asked her for a healing. My candle joined dozens of others in a beautiful ceremony of lighted prayers.

I knew that Mary was with me when I felt her familiar calling card of loving warmth in my heart. The warmth encompassed my entire chest and stomach and caused my breath to deepen.

"Compassion" she repeated swiftly in one of my ears in the sweetest voice-like the music of the wind blowing through springtime leaves.

“Compassion is what the world hungers for most, which means love coupled with an understanding of the other person's point of view and feelings.

"So much strife stems from an aggressive desire for compassion—a desire to force the other parties involved to agree with you, because everyone is too afraid to admit that they can see and understand why the other acts in this way. Throw down your arms and come to me for a reuniting with all others. Throw your arms around me and feel my embrace! Allow me to soothe shattered nerves and hurt feelings.

"Come to me, those of you who are afraid. I shall help you rise above all strain and suffering so that you may see the unlimited viewpoint of all others. You will see that those whom you fear or resent are merely children who are afraid, too "Lay down your arms, humanity. You are weary from constantly defending yourselves against imagined dangers that are of your own making. Be unafraid of truth, which overcomes all fear. And the hard and fast truth that never wavers is that your Father loves you eternally. Allow me to pour this love in your direction and cover you with its healing power. You may bathe in this well of Divine love at any time, simply by reconnecting your thoughts to those of God's. How to do that? Through having compassion for yourself and others. If you are unable to reach this state, allow me to assist you. For, like your Father, I shall love you always eternally. "

As I stood up and walked out of the cathedral, I no longer felt any back pain.

Helps with:

Mary comes to anyone who calls upon her, regardless of that person's religion or past behavior. She's all-loving and all-forgiving. When she appears, you may smell fragrant flowers or see sparkles of cornflower-blue lights. You'll feel a sense of peace and safety, as if a powerful and loving mother has just entered a child's bedroom to chase away nightmares and replace them with sweet dreams.

Invoke Mary by imagining or looking at a picture or statue of her, or call upon her aloud or mentally:

"Beloved Mary, Queen of the Angels and Mother of Jesus, I ask for your help. [Describe the issue.] Thank you for showering this situation with your blessings and giving me insight, so I may learn and grow from this experience. Thank you for showing me God's will so that we all may have peace."