Akashic Records

By working with the Akashic Records we have the possibility to connect with the Divine vibration of that dimension and to soak in the atmosphere of acceptance and love that the presence of the Angelic Beings creates. In this subtle and yet powerful environment we can receive direct information, guidance and inspiration about issues that concern us so we can heal and grow.

We may say without a second thought that the ability to access the Akashic Records has been by far the best gift we have ever received for our spiritual understanding and progress. And for this we are eternally grateful to the visible the invisible masters who made it possible for us to develop this ability and to use it as the main part of our spiritual work today.

What are the Akashic Records

"Akasha" is a Sanskrit word meaning Primordial Substance, That from which All Creation comes. The Akasha is also Divine Love, the Divine Vibration of Sound and Light.

The Akashic Records are known in the Bible as the Book of Life or Book of Remembrance.

It is the knowledge of the past, the present and the possible direction of future events. It is the energetic field which contains the entire history of every being since the dawn of Creation and which connects each one of us to one another.

The records are called Akashic because they are composed of Akasha, and Records because their function is to record all life experience.

Much more than simply a memory storehouse, the Akashic Records are interactive in that they have a tremendous influence upon our everyday lives, our relationships, our feelings and belief systems and the potential realities we draw toward us. It is a dimension of Love where, with the assistance of the Lords of the Akashic Records and the Powers of the Light, we are able to obtain clarity and wisdom to move through our life with ease and grace.

Why to access the Akashic Records

There are many reasons why we might wish to access the Akashic Records: looking for answers, seeking the truth, need of guidance, desire to empower ourselves to make life transitions, necessity to release limitations, patterns and beliefs, longing to come in contact with our soul's purpose.

We primarily focus on personal healing and work to release wounds and pains from this life or previous lives that keep us from manifesting our magnificence. This can be achieved by surrounding ourselves with the pure and unconditional love of the Akashic Records dimension in the presence of God, the Angels and the Ascended Masters who direct us to the core of our pain in a wonderful and non-judgemental way. We are guided to regain our self-mastery as companions and co-creators of God. The Initiation gives you also the ability to open and read other people's records (with their explicit permission) so they can benefit from this high form of communication in any way that is natural and possible to them.

Accessing the Akashic Records

In order to access the Akashic Records we use a Sacred Prayer which was given by Spirit and it acts as the key to enter this realm. Once we are in the Records we are directed by the Light Beings (The Lords of the Records, the Angels, the Masters) to receive the information that is most valuable and appropriate for us related to our questions. The communication with the Akashic Records enables us to receive not only answers but also direct enlightening and healing which constantly flows from the Lords of the Akasha.

The questions we ask are of great importance. The clearer is the question the more specific and complete is the answer. In other words our questions will be answered literally, without consideration to what we "really meant". If after receiving an answer we still are unclear, we reformulate the question and ask again. We keep on asking until we feel we are satisfied and our understanding is complete. One method to form our question is to ask ourselves: what is it really that I want to know?

It is an art to ask good questions and we get better with practice!

In the process we assist you to formulate your questions with tips and exercises.

Here are some topics around which you may formulate your questions:

* Spiritual development

* Relationships with friends and family members

* Repeated patterns of thoughts, emotions and behaviour

* Influences from previous births

* What is my lesson in a specific issue

* Reasons for poor health

* What is my life mission

As you begin to receive answers you usually discover that there more questions that you wish to ask. And this is good!

The skill is developed to recieve messages and answers from the angels and masters

Here are two examples of messages received from the Akashic Records:

Archangel Michael:

"Spiritual path is not all the activities and practices you learn to do concerning energies, healing, invisible entities and so on. Spiritual path is to learn to be peaceful and balanced in this body and on this planet and to be able to enjoy peace and harmony with other human beings. This is the true meaning of a spiritual being. A peaceful and joyful being (spirit) within the material environment (body and planet). So, you can see now if and in which way your decisions might have lead you far from this path and where you need to work in order to achieve spirituality."

Archangel Uriel:

"Do everything you can to keep the happiness in your life. Because happiness is the light and happiness is the only responsibility that you have in this life. The responsibility you have is to be and remain happy. And in order to remain happy remember to raise your voice high and ASK for guidance. ASK for help. We are around you at your command. Within one call. Do you understand?

Akashic Records - Opening and Use

If you want to establish your own contact and communication with the Angels and Masters presenred in this site - you can use this prayer. There is two very important things about this - first to create a sacred space which is done by the first part of the prayer and second to close your connection when you are done.

This prayer have hundred percent success rate and the only thing that matters is to clear your mind and to be a pure channel for the divine.

"Mother, Father, God, Angels of Light, Ascended masters and Masters of the Akashic records I invoke you in that space in order to create a sacred space where can exist only the highest truth, love, wisdom and joy now and forever.

With love and gratitude in my heart I give intent to connect with the energy flow of my Akashic records and with the help of the Angels and the Masters of the Akashic records to receive any information for the my highest and greatest good - now and forever."

Now ask concrete questions - and listen for the answers. There is one true sign if you are in contact with high beings - the feeling of love, joy and lightness. Take attention - not the speaking of love but the feeling of love.

If you need some help or have something to ask about the prayer - please write to us. Good luck!

When you are done with your questions, please close the connection by using the following prayer.

Akashic Records - Closing

"Now I close the contact with my Akashic records and I thank to the Angels and the Masters of the Akashic records for their help and support."