Crystal Hearts
Instructions for the people involved in the vortexes.

The main task for all people involved in the vortexes is to exalt energy of the place to the highest possible levels.

Around the stone circle two equal groups of people has to spin in opposite directions. The inner group of people rotate in a clockwise direction and the other in reverse.

The ritual should be performed in exact same time during this three days.

Sequence of the Ritual:

1. In the beginning of the ritual every participant says the following intent:


In the presence of God, of the Maters of the Light, in the presence of the Jesus Christ in the presence of the mother Earth I give intent and ask them to bless this circle and to rise its energies and vibration to the highest possible level in the order to perform the crystal heart ritual completely safely and in the best way for all of the participants.
And so be it and so it is.

The intentions must be expressed verbally in one voice.

2. Participants then began to rotate in opposite directions and to visualize a column of light that rises from the stone circle to the heart of heaven and earth. This lasts 3-4 minutes.

3. While participants in the vortex continues to spin - the Adepts in circle express their intentions, which are different depending of the day of the ritual.

4. The ritual ends with gratitude to God, the teachers and the light beings involved in the ritual.