Instructions for Working with the healing with the angels oracle cards:

Angel cards are best worked waith on an intuitive basis. This is how the angels taught me to work with their oracle cards:

1. Relax and center yourself: Close your eyes and take one or more deep breaths. Visualize a beam of white light running through the top of your head and down the center of your body. Other ways to relax include removing or loosening anything that binds any part of your body, being alone in a natural setting or next to live-plants, listening to inspirational or classical music, and soaking in warm water.

2. Take the deck of cards in your hand: If you are using an oracle card deck that is new — or new to you — begin by slowly touching each card. Hold the intention of love m your heart as your fingers and hands connect with each card. This is how you infuse your energetic fingerprint into the deck of cards. If you are using a deck from a previous owner, simultaneously ask your angels to clear away the information and energy of the other person.

3. Connect with your angels: While holding and shuffling the card deck, mentally ask your angels and anyone else you feel aligned with in the spiritual realm to assist you in the card reading. I find that my card readings are especially powerful when I ask Holy Spirit to assist me. As you work with the cards, experiment with connecting with different ascended masters and Divine beings, and notice which results you prefer. You'll soon develop your own preferences for spiritual connections when working with your cards.

4. Ask your question: As soon as you connect with the Divine realm, you'll feel or see the cards begin to stick together in clumps. At this point, ask your angels a specific question or ask for guidance about a life area. You can also ask them to give you a general reading by requesting, 'Please show me anything 1 need to know.' Keep asking the question of your angels as you shuffle the cards until you intuitively feel (or hear) a directive that it's time to stop shuffling.

5. Laying out the cards: Intuitively, the angels will guide you to take cards from the top of the deck and lay them our in front of you, side by side. The angels will tell you how many cards to lay out. You will receive their instructions either by feeling a sense of how many cards to put down, hearing or seeing a number that tells you how many cards to put down, or by simply knowing the right number of cards. Don't worry—you can't make a mistake. Just relax and enjoy the process.

6. Interpreting the cards: The first card that you lay out (to your left) refers to your immediate past—something that you have been involved with during the past three months or less. The next card (to the right of the first card) speaks about your present life situation and thought patterns. The next card to the right shows your immediate future and gives messages about upcoming events or issues. Each card to the right subsequently talks about events in the future in increments of approximately three months. Your intuition will tell you if the time frame is shorter or longer than this.

In the pages that follow, you'll read about the general meaning of each card. As you read, your own angels will simultaneously give you personalized messages about your own situation. Trust whatever gut feelings, voices, visions, dreams, or thoughts come to you as you read about your cards' meanings. Ask your angels to help you with any self-doubts you may have.

7. Look at the cards' contexts: Each card spread tells a story, so you'll not only want to look at each card individually, you'll also want to see how each card relates to the other cards. How does your present-day card, for instance, relate to the card of your immediate past? There is a running thread and common theme through each card spread. Allow the angels to tell you about any patterns that are apparent in your cards.

8. Look at the cards' positions: Cards that face you upright show that you are—or will be—experiencing the issue described on the card. Any card that is upside down (to you) shows that there is a block in this life area. If you are giving a reading for another person, the cards that are upside down (to you, the card reader) show a block in your client. You will find that even if you arrange all of the cards right-side-up as you shuffle them, one or more cards will still be upside down when you lay them out. This occurs through the Universal Law of Attraction.

Ask your angels for extra help in these blocked area, and also know that everyone experiences blocks from time to time. It is part of our spiritual path to uncover and heal these blocks, which stem from fear. The card deck is an important tool for self-understanding, and that includes determining life areas where we may be blocked.

9. Notice any 'jumping' cards: If, while you are shuffling your cards, a card 'jumps out' of the deck, pay extra attention to it. This card has a strong message for you from your angels.

Giving an Angel Reading to Another Person

The angels will also help you give an angel reading to another person. The other person does not have to be physically present when you give them a reading. For example, you can pull cards for them while you both are talking on the telephone, or when you are alone and praying for their health and happiness.

Use the same steps outlined for an angel card reading, except hold the other person in mind and mentally say their first name three or four times as you shuffle the cards. If the other person has a specific question, then ask God and the angels this question in your mind while shuffling. It's important to focus on the other person so that the cards you lay out reflect their issues, not yours. However, sometimes God sends people to us who are dealing with similar issues. So, you may find that the card spread applies to both of you!

Other Oracle Card Methods

In addition to the Intuitive Card Spread Method just described, you may enjoy working with these card spreads:

The Past-Present-Future Spread

Shuffle the cards, and simultaneously ask your angels for help in giving you an accurate reading. Then, ask them to reveal the truth about any question or situation you'd like more information about. Stop shuffling whenever you feel guided, and take one card off the top of the deck and lay it down. Take the next card off the top, and lay this to the right of the first card. Then, take another card off the top and place this one to the very right.

The first card to your left refers to what happened in your near past, the middle card shows your present situation, and the card to the right shows the outcome. You can always change the outcome by reshuffling your thoughts so that they are more love-based and less fear-based. Your angels can help you with this reorganization if you ask for their help.

The One-Year Spread

Shuffle the card deck while asking your angels to give you messages about the upcoming 12 months. Then lay out the top 12 cards of the deck in a circle. The first card you lay out is the current month, and so on. As with the other card readings, you can alter your future by changing your thoughts and intentions about the future.

The Single Card Reading

Shuffle the deck, and ask the angelic realm to help you with any question. Then, using your intuition, pull a single card from anywhere in the deck (top, middle, or bottom—whatever you feel guided toward). Read the meaning of the card in this book, while also listening to additional messages from your own guardian angels.

Opening the Book at Random

This book also functions as an oracle tool, and you can allow the pages to fall open at random. Through the Universal Law of Attraction, you'll open the book to a page that perfectly applies to your current situations and thought patterns.

General meaning of the Cards

In the pages that follow, you'll read descriptions of the angelic realms' messages about each card in the Healing with the Angels Oracle Card Deck. The cards are described in alphabetical order.

As you read each description, your own angels will chime in with personalized messages for you. Read with an open heart, because the angels' messages often come as an emotional or physical feeling. You may also receive guidance from your guardian angels in the form of a thought, idea, vision, dream, inner or outer voice, or even a smell or taste. Your angels will also confirm the validity of each message by giving you signs in the physical world. For instance, they may guide a car to drive in front of you that has a bumper sticker that seems written just for you.

The card descriptions are generalized interpretations. If you sense that a card means something different to you or your client, please always defer to your intuition's guidance as the final authority.