To increase your supply of money, food, time, opportunities, or whatever you desire more of, here's a powerful prayer. As you say this prayer, utter each name slowly, feeling the energy of each name:

"Beloved Abundantia . . . Damara. . . Dana. . . Ganesh . . . Lakshmi. . . and Sedna . . . thank you for the abundant supply in my life, overflowing with beautiful opportunities for me to express my Divine light so that others may benefit as well. Thank you for the peace, happiness, and love you bring me. Thank you for all of the time and energy that I have to fulfill my dreams and desires. Thank you for the abundant financial support and supply. I gratefully accept all of your gifts, and ask that you keep them coming."

Akashic Records - Opening and Use

If you want to establish your own contact and communication with the Angels and Masters presenred in this site - you can use this prayer. There is two very important things about this - first to create a sacred space which is done by the first part of the prayer and second to close your connection when you are done.

This prayer have hundred percent success rate and the only thing that matters is to clear your mind and to be a pure channel for the divine.

"Mother, Father, God, Angels of Light, Ascended masters and Masters of the Akashic records I invoke you in that space in order to create a sacred space where can exist only the highest truth, love, wisdom and joy now and forever.

With love and gratitude in my heart I give intent to connect with the energy flow of my Akashic records and with the help of the Angels and the Masters of the Akashic records to receive any information for the my highest and greatest good - now and forever."

Now ask concrete questions - and listen for the answers. There is one true sign if you are in contact with high beings - the feeling of love, joy and lightness. Take attention - not the speaking of love but the feeling of love.

If you need some help or have something to ask about the prayer - please write to us. Good luck!

Akashic Records - Closing

"Now I close the contact with my Akashic records and I thank to the Angels and the Masters of the Akashic records for their help and support."

Addictions and Cravings

If you're truly ready to release a substance, craving, or addictive pattern from your life, this is a very powerful method. After saying this prayer, you'll likely find that all cravings are gone. Or, you might have one last binge-for-the-road, which leads you to give up the addiction for good.

First, imagine that the item, person, or situation that you want to release is sitting on your lap. Then imagine that it's floating in front of your navel. See or feel all of the cords, webs, and roots extending from your navel to the items you're releasing. Then say this prayer:

"Archangel Raphael, beloved angel of healing! Babaji, teacher of overcoming the physical world!
Beloved Devi, who cares so deeply! Shining Maat, bringer of Divine light!
Serapis Bey, overseer of ascension!
Please cut the cords of addictions and cravings from me.
I now fully release any and all patterns of addictions, andI completely embrace my freedom and physical health. "


If you want to help to your personal accession process and with the ascension process to the whole planet earth, you can use the following intent:

In the presence of God, in the presence of my ethereal self, in the presence of angels and masters of ascension,
I give intent to ascent here and now and to become one with my pure divine essence,
I give intent to ascent here and now and to become one with God's pure light,
I give intent to ascent with my body, with my cells, my emotions and all my energies,
I give intent to ascent with my whole existence,
I ascent, I ascent, I ascent and so be it and so it is.


This prayer can help you open, or increase, your ability to see psychically. For extra clairvoyant power, hold a clear quartz crystal up to your third eye (the area between your two eyebrows) while saying this prayer:

"Divine light, please enter my third eye and fill it with illumination, clarity, and the ability to clearly see across the veil. Powerful Apollo, I thank you for opening my third eye! Archangels Haniel, Jeremiel, Raphael, and Raziel, I thank you for your magigcal Divine energies and assistance with my spiritual sight now! Victorious Horus, thank you for stationing your eye in front of my own, so that I may see multidimensional like you! Beloved Kuan Yin, I thank you for sending me energy from your third eye to my own so that I may see love in everything and everyone! Dearest Sulis, thank you for invoking the power of my clairvoyant energy! I thank you all for fully opening me up to see truth, beauty, light, and eternal life!"

Clear Communication with God

This powerful prayer can help you clear away blocks so that you can more clearly hear God and your Divine guidance:

"God, I deeply desire a closer relationship and clearer communication with You. I ask for Your assistance in opening me up so that I can clearly hear, see, feel, and know Your messages for me. Jesus . . . Moses. . . Babaji. . . Yogananda . . . you demonstrated the ability to clearly hear God during your lifetimes on Earth. I ask your assistance in teaching me your ways. Please work with me so that I'm fully open to hearing God's messages and that I trust what I hear. Thank you, God. Thank you, Jesus. Thank you, Moses. Thank you, Babaji. Thank you, Yogananda."

Connecting with the Fairies

If you'd like to see fairies, or at least feel a greater connection with them, try saying this prayer while outdoors. It's especially powerful to say it, mentally or aloud, while you're in an area where wildflowers grow. You'll know that you've successfully made the connection with the fairies when you feel compelled to pick up litter in the outdoors. This is one of the first communications that fairies normally make with humans. It you pick up litter, and treat animals and the environment with great respect, the fairies will show their appreciation by granting you wishes.

"Beloved Dana, goddess of the leprechauns; beautiful Diana, mistress of the wood nymphs; powerful Maeve, queen of the fairies; golden Oonagh, protector of the fairies: I ask your assistance in connecting with the elemental world. Please introduce me to the fairies, and ask them on my behalf how I can get to know them better. I would like to develop a connection to the fairies and elemental, and I ask that you show me the way. Please help my mind and spiritual vision to be open to communications from their magical realm. Thank you."


If you feel worried, anxious, afraid, or vulnerable, this prayer can jive you more courage and protect you and your loved ones from harm.

"Powerful protectors from Heaven. Powerful allies by my side! I need your strength, courage, and protection beside me. Please come to me now!
Thank you, Archangel Michael, for giving me the courage to move forward fearlessly.
Thank you, Ashtar, for protecting me in all ways.
Thank you, Brigit, for helping me be a loving warrior on behalf of my beliefs.
Thank you, Cordelia, for removing stress and tension from my mind and body.
Thank you, Green Tara, for bringing me rapid results to my prayers.
Thank you, Horus, for helping me clearly see the truth of this situation.
Thank you, Kali, for helping me stand my ground.
Thank you, Moses, for helping me be a fearless leader.
Thank you, Saint-Germain, for helping me stay positive, cheerful, and optimistic.
Thank you all for being with me and helping me rise up to, and rise above, all illusions of problems. Thank you for helping me grow and learn from all challenges. Thank you for reminding me to breathe and be centered in peacefulness!"

Finding Your Life's Purpose

Here's a prayer to help you discover your overall life's purpose, as well as get direction about the next step to take. Your prayer will likely be answered with a combination of Divine guidance and signs. Divine guidance includes internal messages such as feelings, thoughts, ideas, and visions that tell you what your heart truly desires. Signs are repetitious messages that you see or overhear coming from sources other than yourself, such as a phrase that you continually see on posters, in newspapers, or that you hear people say. It's best to write down these inner and outer messages and look for a constant theme that will direct you to your next step . . . and overall purpose.

"Archangel Michael. . . Jesus . . . Saint-Germain . . . and Vywamus. . . you can see what is the best next step for me to take. I need to hear, feel, and see this information clearly. I need to have faith in taking this next step. I need to feel courage and excitement about this next step. Thank you for supplying me with information, encouragement, and motivation.
"Archangel Chamuel. . . Brigit. . . Saint Francis . . . Thoth . . . and my higher self. . . beloved and Divine teammates in my life purpose, I am grateful for your clear guidance about my life purpose. I am grateful because I truly believe that I deserve happiness, success, and abundance. I am grateful to know that I am worthy of receiving your help and support. Thank you, God. Thank you, divinities. Thank you all."

Finding Your Soulmate

If you desire a spiritually based romantic relationship, then say this prayer. You can amplify the power of the prayer by first imagining the feeling of being in such a relationship. Imagine that you're with your soulmate and are completely loved and honored. Then say:

"Love gods and goddesses sent from Heaven above; Aengus and Aphrodite, male and female deities signifying beauty and loveliness; Guinevere and holt, bringers of magical love: I invite you to my spiritual wedding, wherein I am wed to my soulmate first in spiritual union. I feel my beloved deeply within my body and soul. I send this feeling to my soulmate, and I thank you for delivering these feelings to my beloved as my sacred Valentine message. Thank you for uniting my soulmate and me through the ethers. Thank you for clearly guiding us to find one another. Thank you for bringing us together in blissful union. Thank you for overseeing my love life. "

Global Peace

These divinities are already watching over the world, keeping war at bay, and talking with world leaders about peace. Our prayers add a great deal to the momentum of global peace. Each prayer adds so much, is definitely powerful, and is very needed. On behalf of the rest of us who live on this planet, thank you for saying this prayer (or one like it) on a regular basis:

"God is peace . . . God is everywhere . . . therefore, peace is everywhere, in truth. This is the truth. And I thank You, God, for this truth. Thank You for sending your ministers of peace to watch over us now and always. Thank you, Archangel Chamuel, for helping all of us find inner peace. Thank you, Buddha, for being the embodiment of peace. Thank you, Forseti, for successfully resolving conflict peacefully. Thank you, Kuan Ti, for your wise counsel with world leaders. Thank you, Maitreya, for replacing all anger with joy. Thank you, Saint Francis, for helping us stay devoted to God's peace. Thank you, Jesus, for overseeing humanity. Thank you, Serapis Bey, for helping us all live at our highest potential. Thank you, Yogananda, for helping us feel Divinely loved. "

If war is pending, or has already broken out, then say this prayer:

"Archangel Michael, I ask that you intervene in this situation to the degree that it is affecting me. Please release the spirits and lower energies in this area, and take them to the light for healing and transmutation. Ashtar, please watch over our planet and ensure its peace, balance, and intactness. Athena, please intervene to the degree that this situation involves me, and work with the world leaders toward alternatives to war. Ishtar, please help the people to show leadership and strength. Kuan Ti, please help us all have the foresight to know the effects tomorrow of our actions today. Thank you, heavenly leaders. Thank you, God. Thank you for the peace surrounding and within this world. Thank you for the peace within the hearts of everyone, everywhere."

You can add to this prayer a visualization of Archangel Michael holding a vacuum above the planet, lifting up all negative energy from any geographical areas experiencing conflict.

Healing a Child

If a child is in need of healing or relief from pain, then say this prayer. It's been said that when parents pray on behalf of their children, those prayers are answered first in Heaven.

I also recommend handwriting the prayer and placing it face up on a cabinet or shelf in the child's bedroom. If the child is old enough to say prayers, ask the child to say the prayer with you:

"Thank you, God, for my child's perfect health. Thank you for peace within my child's body. Thank you, Archangel Raphael, for your powerful healing energy, which heals everything rapidly with each breath my child takes. Thank you, Damara, for gently comforting and reassuring me and my child. Thank you, Hathor, for clearly instructing me on how I can best help my child. Thank you, Mother Mary, for watching over all of us and sending us your Divine healing love."

Healing a Pet

If your cat, dog, or other animal has a physical challenge, then you'll want to call upon the great animal healers in Heaven to help and heal. As you say this prayer, either look at your pet in the flesh or in your mind, or gaze at a photo of your beloved furry friend:

"Healers in Heaven, I love [name of pet] with all my heart. Please join my love with yours and send it to [name of pet]. Dearest Aine, I ask that you surround my pet with your bright silver energy of peace and happiness. Dearest Raphael, I ask that you encircle my pet with your emerald-green energy of health and well-ness. Dearest Dana, I ask that you help my pet's system to be balanced and in its natural state of vitality. Dearest Saint Francis, I ask that you communicate with my pet and let me know what I can do to bring my pet comfort.
"Thank you, Aine . . . Raphael. . . Dana . . . Saint Francis . . . for your healing work. Thank you for my pet's perfect health. Thank you for my pet's comfort. Thank you for lifting our spirits. I now surrender this situation to you and God with complete faith and confidence."

Healing for Oneself

If you experience a physical challenge, it's comforting to know that you have access to powerful healers. This prayer can supplement any other spiritual or medical treatment you're implementing:

"Beloved Jesus, loving healer of God . . . beloved Aine, loving healer of God. . . beloved Archangel Raphael, loving healer of God . . . beloved Archangel Zadkiel, loving healer of God . . . beloved Saint Therese, loving healer of God. The love of God is now inside of me, I am completely filled and healed with the love of God. Jesus . . . Aine. . . Raphael. . . Zadkiel. . . Therese. . . I am so grateful for the ministering, healing, and comfort that you bring to me . . . thank you for surrounding and filling me completely with positive energy. Thank you for clearing and cleaning me completely. I am now completely well. I now feel absolutely wonderful, filled with the spirit of love in all ways. I am energized. I am happy. I am rested and refreshed. Thank You, God. Thank you, Divine healers."

Karma clearance

If you want to get rid of vows in past lives, relationships and circumstances that create tension and obstacles in this live, you can use the following validation:

In the presence of God and all that is light,
I declare to the universe that I am ready to be free and complete being,
I give intent to activate the secret process of dissolving of my karma,
I give intent that the fire of my ethereal awareness burns ever brighter,
to consume any pattern of thinking, feeling any relationships and circumstances that no longer serve my highest and greatest good and that of others,
I call upon my divine guides and the lords of cosmic laws to activate all their resources to work on me and with me to assist me in this process,
I am divine being worthy of boundless freedom,
I am ethereally free,
I am pure spirit,
I am pure light,
I am God and so be it and so it is.

Protection and Guidance foe Your Child

If you're worried about your child, say this prayer of protection and guidance to ease your mind, and to help protect and guide your child:

"Dana . . . Hathor. . . Ishtar. . . Mother Mary . . . mothering goddesses and teachers of parents, I surrender my worries to you. Please nurture my child and this situation [describe your concerns] so that we may all be joyful and feel peace. Please teach me how to best guide my child. Please direct my words and actions so that I speak my truth in a way that my child will hear. Please help me stay centered in faith and courage.
"Archangel Michael. . . Artemis. . . Kuan Yin . . . Vesta . . . powerful protectors of children, I ask that you closely watch over my child [say your child's name]. Thank you for closely monitoring and protecting my child. Thank you for ensuring my child's safety, happiness, and health. Thank you for guiding my child in a direction that brings about blessings, wellness, meaning, and abundance. Thank you, Dana . . . Hathor. . . Ishtar. . . Mother Mary . . . Archangel Michael. . . Artemis . . . Kuan Yin . . . Vesta . . . for protecting and guiding my child. I am truly grateful."

Resolving Conflict

If you've had a disagreement with someone, or you're in the middle of a conflict of some kind, then it's a good idea to ask for help from the divinities. This prayer isn't to help you win or to get the other person to apologize. It's simply to create peace and forgiveness all the way around:

"Beloved helpers in Heaven, please come to me now . . . Archangel Raguel, heavenly minister of fairness . . . Athena, goddess of peaceful solutions . . . Forseti, overseer of truth and justice . . . Guardian angels of [name the person or persons involved in the conflict] . . . I thank you for your intervention, I ask that you deliver my message to everyone involved in this situation and let them know of my desire for peace. I ask for a peaceful and rapid resolution, and I surrender this entire situation to you and God, knowing that it is already resolved. I know that only peace exists in truth, and that peace is everywhere, including within this situation and within everyone involved. Please clearly guide me as to my role in this peaceful resolution. Thank you. "

Sacred Space Creating

You can use this intent for relaxation and to get touch with the higher energies. It is very important to create sacred space if you intent to communicate with the spirit word:

Mother, Father, God, angels of light, ascended masters and masters of the akashic records,
I invoke you now in this space to create a sacred space in which can exist only the highest truth, love, wisdom and joy now and forever .

Weight Loss

Healthy weight loss involves exercise and healthful eating. This prayer can boost your motivation to exercise, and reduce your cravings for high-fat foods:

"Heaven, help me stay fit and toned, and be a healthy weight. I ask that the powerful spiritual motivators and coaches please come to me now. Apollo . . . Oonagh . . . Serapis Bey . . . I need your masterful help. Please increase my desire to exercise. Please help me find an exercise program that easily fits my schedule, budget, and interests. Please help me take the first step. Please help me get the support of my family so that I may exercise with their blessings. Please help me see results so that I may stay encouraged.
"Archangel Raphael. . . Babaji. . . Devi. . . Maat. . . I now surrender to you my cravings for high-fat and sugary foods. . . . You know which foods and drinks are healthful and which are not for my body. I ask that you adjust my cravings so that I only desire healthful foods and drinks. Please increase my motivation to eat light, nutritious foods. Please increase my motivation to drink light, natural beverages. "Thank you for overseeing my physical health and well-being."