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Also known as Angus, Oenghus, Angus McOg, Angus of the Brugh.
Aengus is a Celtic god of soulmate love. His name means "young son." Aengus plays a magical golden harp that mesmerizes all who hear its sweet melodies. Like Cupid, he draws soulmates together. Whenever romance is threatened by quarrels or outside interference, Aengus weaves a net of his golden harp music around the lovers and draws them back together. It's said that when he blows a kiss, it turns into a beautiful bird who carries his romantic messages to lovers who ask for his help. Aengus lives among the fairies in a brugh (a fairy glen). He's the half-brother of the goddess Brigit.

Aengus's help with love relationships is legendary, beginning with his introduction to his own soulmate, Caer. Aengus first saw Caer in a dream, and his heart immediately swelled with the deepest of love for her. Upon awakening, Aengus went on a search for his beloved, although he didn't yet know who or where she was. But the determined Aengus eventually found Caer, who was bound by silver chains to beautiful swans. Aengus shape-shifted into a swan in order to successfully rescue her, and they were united in love forever.

The two soulmates sang and played romantic music to lovers everywhere. He also escorted two young lovers named Diarmuid and Grainne out of harm's way. Once they were safely ensconced, Aengus confronted their persecutor until he agreed to stop pursuing the two lovers.

It was very fitting that I first met Aengus when I called to him from my bench overlooking the Irish sea, south of Dublin. A very handsome, princely, and regal-looking man in his late 20s to mid-30s appeared to me. "Let your servant be your master," he told me in a warm accent. What did this koan mean? He used it in the context of romantic love, like a key to establishing and maintaining a great relationship. He seemed to imply that this was particularly a secret for romantic dealings with men. But I still didn't know what he meant. So I sat back and meditated on the phrase.

Then, Aengus told me more: "Never become a slave or captive to any person, substance, or situation. Be a willing servant. Give freely from a willing heart. In this way, you ensure freedom from the ensnarement of resentment, which builds up like plaque around the fond heart and extinguishes rapture. Give freely to your love, without regard for reward or consequences, but simply motivated by the pure pleasure that comes from giving . . . and that is its own reward."

Helps with:

Wear or hold something red or pink to symbolize romance, play some soft music (preferably with harps), and call to Aengus:

"Princely Aengus, I ask for your help with my love life [describe your specific desires]. I ask for your intervention, that you may bring harmony, passion, and romance into my heart and life. I have so much love to share, and I need your help. If I'm blocking great love in some way, please help me release this block now. Thank you, Aengus."