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Aeracura is a Celtic Earth mother and Earth deity who carries a basket of fruit, or horn-of-plenty.

When I called upon her while sitting by the Irish sea, my heart immediately felt uplifted with the most lighthearted and playful type of love! I saw a beautiful fairy woman with porcelain skin and flowing light brown hair, wearing a creamy body-skimming gown that glowed. She had love in her eyes, but with a glimmer of one who enjoys a good laugh and a bit of harmless mischief in the most innocent way. She let me know that playfulness and a carefree spirit are at the heart of abundant manifestation. She emphasized this point, and I felt it in my body and heart chakra: The key to rapid and efficient manifestation is enjoyment of the process.

She said, "I will always bring a basket of goodies to those who are receptive, mindful, and willing to receive. Think of my bountiful gifts as children who share toys with each other. It's more fun to play when you share with your friends! Call upon me for emergency money, and I shall rush to your rescue. I'm especially fond of supporting artists and nonconformists. Be not bashful in saying what you desire as you approach me. Notice how my name has a derivative of the word cure in it. Let's play! I love you!”

Helps with:

Go outside to call upon Aeracura. Take off your shoes and socks and connect to Mother Earth with bare feet. Say to her:

"Dearest Aeracura, please come to me now. Please fill my heart with your great Divine love. Please clear my heart and mind of cares and worries. I ask that you bring your basket of bountiful gifts to me, and help me receive these gifts with love and gratitude. Help me tap in to my creativity and unleash my inner artist, to help express my love in a way that benefits the world. Please help me accept support for my artistic and creative projects."