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(Roman; Teutonic)

Also known as Aine of Knockaine, because her spirit is said to live in a castle in Knockainy, Ireland.
Aine is an Irish moon goddess of love, fertility, protection, and environmental concerns. Her name means "bright." She's aligned with the fairies, and is often thought of as a Fairy Queen (the equivalent of an archangel in the elemental kingdom). There are many conflicting stories about Aine's beginnings and heritage as a goddess.

She was worshiped on Midsummer Eve with rituals where people would hold torches over farm fields to ask Aine for help with productivity. She protects women, especially those who respect the planet's sanctity and revere Mother Earth and her plight. She's a strong environmentalist and also keenly involved in animal rights. She can clear away curses and negative energies.

Looking like an Erte painting from a Harper's Bazaar magazine cover, Aine is a lithe goddess with a distinctive art-deco look to her long, silvery gown and pageboy hairstyle. When I spoke with her, she was poised next to a crescent moon, surrounded by musical instruments such as harps and pianos. Using the energy of light and musical tones, she oversees and assists Earth and other planets in this and other solar systems.

Aine isn't here so much to help us with individual concerns, but she says we can drape ourselves in her cloak of silver light anytime we seek TO regain our strength, and summon up the courage to speak up, especially when performing leadership roles that will help the environment (including anything related to air and water quality, plants, and animals). Aine can help you be more playful and passionate in love relationships, as well as in your entire life. She's analogous to an archangel for the fairy and deva kingdoms-their goddess. She's especially accessible during full moons and lunar eclipses.

She says, "I radiate Divine pure love energy like a satellite beam, positioned from the moon to divert any poisonous intentions, deeds, words, thoughts, or actions."

Helps with:

On the evening of a full moon, go outside near plants or a body of water and say aloud or mentally:

"Beloved Aine, I call upon you now. Please help me grow stronger, more powerful, and more filled with faith. Please ignite the passions of my soul, and help me relax enough to have fun and be playful while I fulfill my mission and responsibilities. Please guide me as to how I can best help the world's environment, and please surround me with loving people."