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Also known as Cytherea, Cypris, Aphrodite Pandemos, Aphrodite Urania, Venus.
Aphrodite is the goddess of love, beauty, and passion, associated with the planet Venus.

Her name means "water born" or "foam born," because it's been said that she was conceived when her father, the sky god Uranus, impregnated the ocean. Her multiple love affairs with gods such as Adonis and Ares are legendary, and that's also why Aphrodite is closely associated with passionate sexuality.

She's known as both Aphrodite Urania, representing soulmate love with commitment and spirituality; and Aphrodite Pandemos, representing purely physical lust. One of her many children is Eros, a god of romantic love who in Cupid-like fashion sends arrows to those on his matchmaking list.

I spoke with Aphrodite one evening in Kona, Hawaii, when the planet Venus was high in the sky. As she came to me, I felt her before I could see her. Then I saw a woman's face enclosed in a Valentine's heart.

"I'm here to help strengthen long-term relationships, built on a dual foundation of passion and understanding," she said.

"One without the other is useless. One is for intertwining lives and bodies; the other, for talks and discussions. Even still, there is much overlap, for a lover who understands your needs and desires is a great lover indeed. And a partner who holds passion in the heart toward you will be motivated to heal occasional hurts and wounds, and be captivated long enough to attain an understanding.

"The nature of the ever-growing, ever-living relationship is one that always thirsts after more passion and more knowledge within the context of commitment."

Helps with:

Put yourself in a receptive mood, perhaps by listening to romantic music, watching a movie about lovers, dressing seductively, or holding a rose. Then, focus on your heart and say aloud or mentally:

"Aphrodite, I'm open to being loved deeply and completely in a romantic relationship. Please help me release any remaining blocks that could delay this manifestation. I ask that you help me radiate my inner light, and attract great love now. Please help me fully enjoy this love, and to know that I deserve it."