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Appolo is a sun god who oversees prophecy, light, music, and healing.

Apollo is one of the original 12 Olympian gods and goddesses. He's the son of Zeus and twin brother of the goddess Artemis. Apollo had many lovers and dozens of offspring. Legends abound about Apollo's birth family and life. One of his most famous children is Asclepius, the legendary god of healing and medicine, for whom hospitals are named after.

Apollo has always willingly offered his help to humans who need it, and he continues to intervene where needed today. He spent much time in ancient Delphi, helping oracles and prophets with their divinations. Today he helps psychics and spiritual mediums elevate their gifts to the highest of spiritual frequencies. In New Age circles, Apollo is known as an Elohim (which in Hebrew means "divinities"), who bestows Divine wisdom and spiritual understanding upon Earth and her inhabitants.

Apollo heals physical and emotional wounds and awakens psychic gifts by helping to replace unforgiveness with compassion and understanding. He's extremely handsome, with a lean and golden muscular form that radiates youthful beauty. Apollo motivates us to take excellent care of our bodies, and to make physical fitness an intricate part of our lifestyle.

He says, "I am the sun god—invoke me for light of any type: Divine, mechanical, radiant, healing, or a sunshiny day. I now exist in all dimensions, so I'm available to respond to all levels of concerns. I infuse your planet with light, even on the dreariest of days."

Helps with:

Wear or hold something golden or yellow (like the sunlight associated with Apollo), and play lively music. Apollo can be contacted anytime you need assistance; however, you may have the best connection at high noon when the sun is at its peak. Say to Apollo:

"Brightest of the bright, Apollo, please come to me now. Please shine light upon me so that I may see it clearly. Help me gain a deeper understanding of my situation so that I and everyone involved may be healed. Help me feel compassion for myself and others, and to release any anger or unforgiveness now. Please help me lose all heaviness in my body, mind, and heart so that I may soar high like you."