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Archangel Ariel

Also known as Arael, Ariael.
Ariel's name means "lion or lioness of God," and this archangel, predictably, is often associated with lions. When Ariel is near, you might begin seeing references to, or visions of, lions around you. In fact, some artwork portrays Ariel as having a lion's head. This archangel is also associated with the wind, so when Ariel is around, you may feel or hear the wind as a sign.

Archangel Ariel is described in books of Judaic mysticism and cabalistic magic, such as The Testament of Solomon, The Greater Key of Solomon, Ezra, and The Hierarchy of the Blessed Angels. Ariel works closely with King Solomon in conducting manifestation, spirit releasement (similar to exorcism), and Divine magic.

      Ariel also oversees the sprites, the nature angels associated with water. Sprites are similar to fairies, and their purpose is to maintain healthy environments near oceans, lakes, rivers, streams, and ponds. Archangel Ariel may contact you to help with this mission of purifying and protecting these water bodies and their inhabitants. If you help with Ariel's environmental mission, you may be rewarded with wonderful manifestations and increased magical power.
      Ariel is very involved with healing and protecting nature-and that definitely includes animals, fish, and birds—especially wild ones. If you find an injured bird or other nondomesticated animal who needs healing, call upon Ariel for help. Ariel works with Archangel Raphael to heal animals in need.
      Archangel Ariel says, "I'm deeply concerned about the world's environmental systems, which are always in delicate balance and are now in need of reform and restoration. I have plenty of assignments available for those willing to assist in this endeavor. I promise to only give out assignments that' are related to your interests and time schedules. Your reward will be the joy that stretches out from your heart, extending into the very environment you're blessing with your dedicated efforts. I thank you very much for coming to the planet's rescue!"

Helps with:

      Call upon Archangel Ariel anytime, anywhere. However, you'll be most likely to feel, hear, see, and know her presence if you conduct this invocation outside in nature (especially near a body of water):

      "Archangel Ariel, I call upon your presence now. I desire to help heal the world's environment, and I ask you to give me a Divine assignment for this important mission. I ask that you open the way and support me in this endeavor. Thank you for the joy that this mission brings to me and the world."