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Also known as Lug, Lugus, Lieu.
Lugh is a youthful sun god with a magical hound, helmet, and spear that completely protect him and all who call upon him. Lugh helps humans develop their inner sorcerer or sorceress with Divine love. He's also associated with fertility and yielding a bountiful summer harvest.

Legends say that Lugh was a master craftsman, poet, healer, and jack-of-all-trades, and that there was no skill that he couldn't perform.

When I called upon Lugh to provide me with a message for this book, a breathtakingly handsome man with a helmet and shield appeared before me, with a Roman look to his dress. He said, "You called? What can I help you with?" When I described a particular situation that I could use his assistance with, Lugh said, "Just a minute— something is brewing here. I'll check into it and be right back."

He then returned a fraction of a moment later, carrying some sort of potion. It looked like a blue powder glistening with a liquidlike sheen. Lugh said, "This is based upon my assessment of your inner yearnings, leanings, and tendencies. " He very politely asked if he could anoint me with the healing potion that he explained was custom-made for the situation. He added that he tailor-made all of his magical recipes for each individual and their particular situation.

I lay back, and Lugh swept the hair off my forehead. He seemed to brush my aura there as well. He asked me to remove my sunglasses so that he could freely anoint me. He pinched some of the powder and drizzled it on my forehead, then spread generous portions all over the top of my head and face, covering me like a skullcap.

He asked me to breathe in the essence very deeply, and then he said, " This potion is infused with magical properties that will help support the resolution of this problem, in much the same way that vitamins infuse you with energy and help you have a strong workout at the gym. The vitamins lift you up, but it's still up to you to go to the gym and do the work. In the same vein, allow my apothecary potion to support your efforts, boost your faith and confidence, and bring you all the way back home centered in peace and joy." Then he closed his healing ceremony with me by saying, "All my love!" and disappeared.

Helps with:

Lugh is a powerful force who will come quickly when called. Think of his name and feel the strength, power, and magnitude of his energy. Then, tell him about your needs and the issues that you request help with. As described above, he may leave for a moment to retrieve a healing balm or potion. Give him as much time as he needs to address your situation fully. You'll know when he's finished with his treatment because his energy will withdraw until you next call upon him.

Send him your thank-yous, and know that he receives them gratefully. Lugh will watch over the progress of your situation, all the way to completion, so feel free to call upon him anytime during the process of resolution.