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Sanat Kumara
(Hindu; Vedic; New Age)

Also known as Karttikeya, Sumara, Skanda-Karttikeya.
Kumara is a warrior god, devoted to ridding people and the earth of negative entities and lower energies.

Legends abound explaining Kumara's creation, with the common thread being his relationship to the number six—perhaps because of his talents in banishing negative spirits. One tale recounts that Heaven was plagued with demons, so Shiva used his third-eye flame to beget six children who would specialize in slaying demons. However, their mother hugged the six children with such enthusiastic love that she squeezed their bodies into one child with six heads.

Hindus revere Kumara as a leader among gods who banishes darkness in the minds of men and spirits. His demon-slaying activities are thought to be metaphorical, symbolizing Kumara's slaying of ignorance.

In New Age circles, he's hailed as a member of the Great White Brotherhood, working alongside Jesus and Archangel Michael to help the planet and her population with the ascension process.

Sanat Kumara says, "Power is my focus—power for one and for all . . . redelivering personal power to people everywhere, direct from the Great Source of All. Through my realization of the Great Allness, I am able to tap in to its plentitude and draw up from the power supply and distribute it to everyone. By illuminating the masses with this personal power, there's an infusion of justice and grace in the world, for no one can usurp your personal boundaries when you know that your supply of power is unlimited and completely unfettered. Lean on this knowledge, and never be afraid to exercise your rights in all situations that call upon you to be strong."

Helps with:

Kumara is a powerful spirit who has a primal, indigenous feel to him, like an intense witch doctor. When you call upon him, Kumara responds at lightning speed and with lovingly powerful energy. If you're fatigued, call upon him for help:

"Sanat Kumara, please bring me your powerful energy to uplift my spirit and vitality. Please help me rise above negative thoughts and emotions, like a bird above dark clouds. I ask your assistance in tapping me in to the true and eternal Source of all energy. Please clear away lower spirits and energies from within and around me, and infuse me with Divine healing light."

Then breathe deeply while Kumara does his work. In a few moments, you should feel revived and refreshed.