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Also known as Ai-willi-ay-o, Nerivik.
Various legends say that Sedna fell (or was thrown) off her parents’ boat, and that dismembered parts of her body formed the sea lions, and other sea creatures. Sedna is considered the Creator goddess of all inhabitants of the sea—the ultimate sea goddess.

Sedna will grant wishes to those who go to the sea—and who ask her lovingly, honestly, and gently for favors. Since she's so connected with water and dolphins, Sedna also helps with intuition and brings messages about dolphins into one's dreamtime.

I invoked Sedna while sitting on a boat in the middle of the Pacific ocean near Hawaii. Although she's available for help and guidance anywhere, I wanted to meet Sedna at her home to ask her for a message for this book. She began by saying, "I'm the mistress of the great ocean, which brings magic to your atmosphere. Weather arises from the ocean currents, moisture, and winds.

"Caution is warranted regarding the care and protection of this massive water surface. Aside from not discarding your waste products into the sea, your incessant use of cleaning supplies must, must, must be averted—this very minute!

"Water itself is enough to engender cleanliness—it's purity, inherent blessings, and life-giving qualities can be used instead of soapsuds to wash away grime. Hot water will remove germs in and of itself—no need for disinfectants, which are polluting the waters and atmosphere of this last remaining great planet.

"Allow me to help replace your cares and worries with magical under water adventures that I can channel to you during your dreamtime. Call upon me for wishes whenever you like, and cast your cares and worries to me now. I will swallow them into my cavernous sea and wash them until the underlying essence of your concerns is revealed . . . and then healed. Take good care of my darlings—the sea lions, dolphins, and fish—for me."

Helps with:

      It's best to connect with Sedna when you're in or around water, as this is her domain. Say to her:

      "Dearest Sedna, Goddess of the waters, I desire to develop a connection with you through my intuition and dream-time. Please bring me a clear message about [name the situation you'd like help with]. Please bring the dolphins into my dreams and help me uncover the truth about this situation. Thank you."