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Serapis Bey
(Egypt, Greece, and New Age)

Also known as Serapis, Apis, Asar-Apis, Osiris-Apis.
Originally an Egyptian god of the underworld named Serapis who in charge of the ascension at Luxor, Egypt; in New Age circles, he's now known as Serapis Bey, He helps people work toward ascension through spiritual enlightenment. Serapis Bey motivates people toward physical fitness and healthful lifestyles due to his interest in beauty and aesthetics; he also helps them withstand the coming changes that are prophesied. Like a spiritual fitness guru, he inspires, motivates, and provides hope for the future.

Serapis Bey also helps artists and musicians with their creative projects. An extremely loving ascended master, he's actively involved in averting war and bringing peace to Earth.

I've long had an affinity and affection for Serapis Bey, and have found him to be a wonderful coach who lovingly demands the best from us. He pushes us to take exceptional care of our bodies, and if you begin working 'with him, expect to be given some pointers on exercise and nutrition.

He says, "Once again, we're reunited, as I've been with so many of you countless times before. You're here for another initiation, are you? Another rung on the ladder of ascension for you. I'm here to help you carefully and cautiously choose your next move. Many of you are rushing so much that you can no longer hear your inward guide. You must create silent space for yourself.

"Get away from the frantic pace and worldly noise at regular intervals. Even a brief break will refresh you and reconnect you to the Voice you love with all of your heart, the Voice you trust uppermost. When you allow yourself to become distant or disconnected from this Voice, you feel insecure and afraid for reasons unknown to you. You become like an infant pulled away from her mother's nursing breast: lost and confused.

"Make the Voice your uppermost priority, a valuable friend whom you vigilantly keep track of. If you cannot hear the Voice, it's simply a sign to become quiet and still momentarily until you regain awareness of this inner source of guidance and direction."

Helps with:

Serapis Bey can be contacted anytime you need loving care, spiritual insight, or peace and quiet. Hold the mental intention of connecting with him, then stop a moment, close your eyes, and take some deep breaths. As you inhale, think about your desires. As you exhale, imagine that you're releasing whatever is bothering you. You'll feel or sense Serapis Bey's presence alongside you, mirroring your breathing pattern. At some point, you'll either hear his voice or sense some thoughts that come from him.

Don't worry—Serapis Bey won't override your free will. However, he will give you clear guidance and instructions about self-improvement, along with the motivation to undertake these endeavors. As you go through any process requiring stamina and focus, call him to your side.