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Also known as King Solomon.
Solomon was the king of Israel, following his father, King David's, reign in the 900 B.C. era. In light of King David's intensity, Solomon was viewed as a gentle and wise man who blended alchemy and Judaic mysticism with common sense and wisdom. Solomon was instrumental in many of Israel's advances in government and architecture. Most notable is Solomon's overseeing of the construction of the Temple of God, in which the Ark of the Covenant was housed.

The book of 1 Kings in the Bible makes reference to Solomon's remarkable wisdom: "Solomon’s wisdom surpassed the wisdom of all the sons of the east and all the wisdom of Egypt. For he was wiser than all men. . . . Men came from all peoples to hear the wisdom of Solomon. ..."

References in the Torah, Gospels, and ancient Judaic texts refer to Solomon's exorcism and magical skills. A 15th-century Greek manuscript called The Testament of Solomon describes him using a magical ring (known as "Solomon's Ring") that has a Star of David engraved on top. Scholars point out that the six-pointed star was originally associated with cabalism, high magic, and Pythagorean mysticism. Solomon may have been instrumental in making it a symbol of Israel and Judaism.

The Testament of Solomon also contains one of the numerous accounts of Solomon controlling demons, both to banish them and to control them as "spiritual slaves" to perform magical duties. Texts about Solomon usually discuss him banishing and controlling 72 particular demons, each with a specific name and function. Before he left Earth, Solomon contained these 72 demons so that they wouldn't disturb people.

Solomon has ascended to such a high level that you may not feel his presence when you call upon him. Instead, your higher consciousness will tap in to his collective wisdom. He's a wise, old sage similar to the God archetype who sees all and knows all, and he already knows who you are, what your Divine assignment is, and how you can do things better and more efficiently. He'll help you improve different areas of your life, which is sometimes frightening or irritating to those who misconstrue his messages as a power or control struggle. But those who are wise will be open to his assistance.

Solomon says, "Poetry is the name of life. Poetry is artistry in motion. For it's not the accumulation of knowledge to which we're aspiring, but the ability to live life in a grander, more fluid, and more aristocratic fashion. To take charge through godliness of your inner demons and squeeze out all excess so that you may truly reign with princely power over your domain. Get control of all your faculties. Handle addictions and patterns directly, and be free—free to rule, free to live, and free to express your inward callings in boundless ways."

Helps with:

Call upon Solomon to help you with any difficult or seemingly impossible situation. As a Divine magician, he'll direct sacred energy to support you:

"Solomon, O Solomon, I need your help and assistance, please, and I need it now. Please come to me and shine light on this situation [describe it to him], and help loosen the chains of fear and unforgiveness. I need a miracle, and I need it now. Help resolve this matter, and lift me out of the trenches of darkness. Thank you for your wisdom and courage, and for providing the perfect solution to this matter."