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(Roman; Teutonic)

Also known as Sul, Sulla, Sulevia, Sulivia.
A ancient goddess of healing waters whose shrine was at the Bath pa in southern England, Sulis's name means "eye" and "seeing." So it makes sense that she helps with physical and psychic vision. The eye is also associated with the sun, so Sulis is known as a sun goddess, which is rare, as male deities are usually sun gods, while female deities have moon and star connections. This solar association may stem from Sulis's relationship with hot springs.

Sulis oversees all pools of water associated with healing, especially natural hot springs. Today in Bath, people come from all over the world to drink from her well in the center of the hot spring's restaurant. The water is rich with sulphur, and is said to function as a fountain of youth. I spoke with Sulis near Bath, and she said: "It was I whom you saw in the rainbow over Stonehenge. I'm in the prism effect of water drops, reflecting the Divine light inherent in all water, including oxygen. Plants are precious to me, and yes, as you asked, I can help gardeners grow everything from bumper crops to healthy houseplants. Just don't expect me to rid plants of aphids—I'm a natural horticulturist who respects the balance between the Earth kingdom (which the insects truly reign over—think of their hardiness as a testament to their regalness) and the plant community. "

Helps with:

It's a good idea to invite Sulis to any ceremony involving water. You can conduct a version of a water ceremony by drawing a hot bath and filling it with sea salt, essential oils, and a few flower petals. Surround the bathtub with candles, soft music, and at least one potted plant. Dim I the lights, ignite the candles, and as you get in the bathtub, say:

"Sister Sulis, I invite your loving presence. Sulis, please bring your beloved blessings, your caring nature, your spiritual vision, and your youthful beauty; and bestow it upon the waters within and around me. Please help fulfill my wish, which is [describe your wish]. Thank you, beloved Sulis. Thank you."