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(Buddhist, Hindu, Jainism, Lamaism)

Also known as Green Tara, White Tara.
When Avalokitesvara, the bodhisattva (enlightened one) of compassion and protection, shed tears that formed a lake, a lotus flower rose to the top of the water. When the flower opened, a beautiful goddess stepped out of the middle, and her name was Tara. She's the female counterpart and consort of Avalokitesvara. Tara has many different sides and personalities to her, represented by different-colored Taras (Green Tara, White Tara, Red Tara, Blue Tara, and Yellow Tara). In her Yellow, Blue, and Red personas, Tara is temperamental, but as White and Green Tara, she's loving and very helpful.

Tara's name means "star," and like stars that provide navigation for sailors and travelers, Tara helps us travel smoothly and safely and find our way—whether on a trip, on our spiritual path, or just during daily life.

Green Tara is known as a "speedy" goddess who rapidly induces insight and who quickly comes to your aid. If you need emergency help physically or spiritually, call upon Green Tara.

White Tara helps increase life expectancy, and if you call upon her, she will bring you longevity. She also is a bringer of Enlightenment.

Green Tara is very intense, yet she's a very loving warrior spirit. Green Tara is a no-nonsense divinity who conducts rapid energy exchanges to help and assist those who call upon her. She says, "I get matters settled quickly and go right to work using wisdom and action, I set my sights on an intended outcome, and bring those preferences into experience." She attains her goals, in other words.

In contrast, White Tara is gentle, peaceful, patient, doting, nurturing, and maternal. She is the essence of purity. She approaches problems with prayer and by holding a steady focus on the beauty of Divine love. Her eyes overflow with gratitude, joy, and love. She feels and sees only love, so that's what comes forth in her presence. She says, "I am here to shift people's hearts away from an inclination of worry. I love and I am happy, and this has a settling effect upon people whose lives I touch. It is my pleasure to spread joy far and wide."

Both Green Tara and White Tara Help with
Green Tara helps with:
White Tara helps with:

Green Tara: Sit quietly and meditate upon the color green while chanting Om Tare, Tuttare Ture Svaha, which means:

"Tara, Swift Saviouress, please liberate me from all forms of suffering and imprisonment, and help me be balanced in my spirituality."

White Tara: Sit quietly, breathe deeply, and meditate upon the color sky blue. Then pray to White Tara:

"Please let me be like you, White Tara, filled with compassion and grace. I am you, White Tara. I am Tara. I am Tara."

Feel yourself filled with overflowing warm love, joy, and compassion.