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(Sikh; Theosophy; New Age)

Also known as Mahatma Kuthumi mal Singh, Koot Hoomi, Sirdar Thakar Singh Sadhanwalia, K.H.
Kuthumi is a pseudonym for a Sikh spiritual leader who lived in the 1800s named Sirdar Thakar Singh Sadhanwali, according to Theosophical researchers (including author K. Paul Johnson).

Madame Blavatsky met Singh during her extensive travels in India. This is also when she met and studied under the Eastern Indian spiritual teachers who would be the basis for Djwhal Khul, Master Hillarion, and El Morya, whom she referred to as "the Mahatmas." Blavatsky promoted these men's spiritual teachings in North America, protecting their true identities with pseudonyms. She would produce letters from Singh and the other Mahatmas, sometimes claiming that the letters materialized from the ethers.

When the men passed over, Blavatsky and her followers (most notably Alice Bailey and Elizabeth Clare Prophet) began channeling messages from them. This was the first usage of the term "ascended masters." According to the "new" Theosophists, Kuthumi's past lives include Saint Francis and Pythagoras.

When I called upon Kuthumi, he came to me dressed as a circus clown! He said, "Life is a three-ring circus, and the key is to not let yourself get distracted by events around you. Steady focus and a willingness to search for higher truth will move your consciousness away from anxiety and instill it with peace.

"Refuse to be distracted or thwarted. Use your stubbornness rightly by concentrating only upon that which is good—in that way, you truly overcome evil in every sense of the word. Allow me to show you ways to access the reaches of the higher dimensions where peace is accessible to all. Above the din of the Earth plane, we reach Nirvana together, singly, yet side-by-side. The holiest prospect is teaching peace through self-attainment."

Helps with:

If you find yourself distracted from your major goals and life purpose, ask Kuthumi to help you maintain diligence when it comes to your priorities. He'll help you organize your schedule in a balanced wav. Ask him for help anytime you feel overwhelmed by multiple tasks:

"Dearest Kuthumi, I ask for your intervention. Please remove all distractions from my mind and schedule, allowing me to focus completely on my true life's purpose. Please let any life changes occur gently and peacefully, and help me notice my spiritual guidance and Divine will. I now release to you any egobased fears that would deter me from my path. Help me recognize when I procrastinate with respect to my purpose so that I may be fully immersed in the joy of spiritual service."