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(Buddhist, Hindu, India. Jain.)

Also known as Haripriya, Jaganmatri, Laxmi, Matrirupa, Vriddhi.
Lakshmi's name is derived from the Sanskrit word Laksya, which means "goal" or "aim."

Lakshmi is a beautiful, golden-skinned moon goddess of prosperity and good fortune who brings blessings of abundance to everyone. Lakshmi also represents beauty, purity, generosity, and true happiness. It's said that she sprang forth from the churning ocean bearing gifts and lotus flowers, looking so beautiful that all of the gods immediately wanted her as their wife. She chose to be with the sun god, Vishnu. She was thereafter reborn as Vishnu's companion in each of his lives.

Because Lakshmi's true mission is to bring eternal happiness to Earth, she helps us find meaningful careers that bring about handsome rewards, including personal fulfillment. She knows that wealth, in and of itself, isn't enough to create lasting happiness—it must be accompanied by spirituality and a feeling of accomplishment. So Lakshmi may lead us to our life's work, which will create joy and abundance for ourselves and others.

Lakshmi is associated with lotus flowers. Some legends say that she 'I was born from, and lives in, one of these blossoms. In artwork, she's usually depicted carrying, or standing upon, a lotus, which is a symbol of spiritual awakening and peace.

Lakshmi brings grace, beauty, and love into homes, and ensures that ''all household needs are met. She's adored by Ganesh, and they often work together to help people meet their goals.

Lakshmi speaks in a sweet, melodious voice and says, "The attainment of wealth is one of life's greatest mysteries and challenges. Most spiritual aspirants abhor the pursuit of money, yet they long for the freedom and services that it affords. Many of your spiritual teachers and healers are conflicted about accepting money for their work, yet they long for the day when they can quit other forms of employment and devote themselves fully to the service of spirituality.

"This dilemma must be dealt with, for we here in the strata you call 'Heaven see many solutions at hand, most of which we can help you with, without your needing to strain or think so much. This, I will tell you:

Pressing with your mind to try to make things happen is your greatest barrier and blockage, which can only be overcome when you become convinced that all riches worth having are already manifested within. When you relax with this knowledge and know with certainty that all is taken care of, then all restrictions are lifted completely. "

Helps with:

Lakshmi loves a grateful and appreciative heart. So as you call upon her, imagine that all of your wishes have been granted in a Divine way. Feel grateful that this is so. Know that the power of your Creator combined with your faith and Lakshmi's loving help, manifests into form miraculously. Her manifestations are the physical embodiment of the love and gratitude that you now feel.

Stay focused on your desires, seeing and feeling them as being already manifested. Then give thanks to Lakshmi by mentally chanting: "Om Nameh Lakshmi Namah, "which is a prayer of thanks and reverence.

"Om Nameh Lakshmi Namah."