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The Prophet Moses was called upon by God to lead his people out of slavery in Egypt and to the "promised land of milk and honey" in Israel. He and the 12 tribes of Israel wandered through the desert and across the vast lands. Finally, after 40 years of constant travel, Moses was compelled to climb Mount Sinai, where he received an assurance from God that his people would be led to their promised land. Moses received Commandments from God that he was asked to deliver to the Israelites. These Commandments formed the basis for monotheism—the First Commandment being not to worship any other gods.

Moses was born in 15th-century B.C. Egypt to Amram and Jochebed. The Pharoah, who was threatened by the increasing power and wealth of the Jewish people, ordered the murder of all newborn Jewish babies. Moses' mother placed her baby in a waterproof reed basket and set him to float down the Nile river, where she hoped he would attract the attention and compassion of the Pharaoh's daughter. Her plan worked, and Moses was raised in the palace of the Pharaoh as if he were born of royalty.

Biblical accounts that tell of God teaching Moses to perform miraculous feats include: Moses striking a rock that gave forth enough water to quench the thirst of an entire congregation and their animals; parting the Red Sea and walking through it; having clear conversations with God through a burning bush; making a serpent turn into a rod; and others. He was a testament to the miracle of faithfully following Divine guidance.

Moses helps spiritual aspirants and teachers of all faiths and religions, and he's one of my own guides. While I was sitting on New Zealand's western coastline, Moses gave me a profoundly stirring message. His words continue to help and intrigue me: "Striving inherently places the intention forward into the future, with your focus and intent being centered on subsequent gains and improvement. So much better to stay with your current situation and attain enjoyment, and extract the sum of lessons gained from that scenario before moving on to a new game plan. Withdraw your future plans, and concentrate instead upon this moment. Notice where you are, how you arrived there, and the circumstances that led to your arrival.

"Once an understanding has been met, turn to the next moment, and so forth. Future-tense focus keeps you trapped in a vacuum that obliterates your ability to draw nurturing, lessons, guidance, and sustenance from the present. The monumental lessons for all mortals is to learn an appreciation for whatever circumstances arise. Do not seek to switch to a new situation until you have fully extracted every minute enjoyment out of your present one. Life is about what's happening to you presently—that's all that matters."

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Moses' life story is a testament to accepting a leadership role, even if you feel unsure or unqualified to perform that function. In the same way, Moses can help you "step up to the plate" and do the best job possible. Anytime that you feel uncertain about your power or abilities, call upon Moses:

"Beloved Moses, please lend me your courage, and help me overcome fear and cast out doubt. I ask you to fill my heart with faith in my God-given abilities. Please guide my words and actions so that I may lead and guide others according to God's will. Thank you."