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Also known as She of the Sacred Grove.
Nemetona is the Celtic goddess of power places, sacred grounds and circles, labyrinths, and medicine wheels.

A shrine to Nemetona stands at the ancient healing spa, Bath, in southern England. In ancient times, Celts never held sacred ceremonies indoors—they were always held in open-air settings. Nemetona watched over these gatherings in the way that an angel or master would watch over a church or temple today.

I spoke with Nemetona, appropriately, at the sacred circle Stonehenge, not far from Bath. She struck me as being somber, stately, and stern in the most loving but no-nonsense way. Infused with ancient energy, she stands guard over power places, holding in the energy of the prayers invoked by people who visit these lands. Nemetona has overseen outdoor sacred rituals and ceremonies throughout time (she explained that they all occur simultaneously, instead of in linear time).

Nemetona said, "When you pray in a sacred power place, you join in a simultaneous reality with ancient rituals being currently performed in a parallel dimension. Prayers for increased power, psychic abilities, and manifesting abilities join with ancient tribal dances and sacred-rite prayers."

Helps with:

When you begin a ceremony, especially one that involves having people stand or sit in a circle, or one where people walk a labyrinth, invoke Nemetona to oversee the process:

"Sacred goddess, Nemetona, we invite your presence and participation into our circle. Please infuse it with your magically loving energy, and bless all involved with our ceremony. Nemetona, please clear the space in, around, below, and above our circle. Thank you."