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Also known as Onaugh, Oona.
Oonagh was married to Fionnbharr, the head of the Tuatha De Danaans, the inhabitants of Ireland before the Gaelics took over the land. The Tuathas became leprechauns after the invasion. Oonagh was faithful and patient with her husband even though he had many affairs with human women.

In artwork, Oonagh is portrayed as having golden hair that's long enough to touch the ground. She's a goddess of devotion in love relationships, aesthetics, and magic; and she's also a fairy queen.

I called on Oonagh while sitting in the midst of an Irish fairy garden, and I saw the most beautiful vision of opalescent, shimmering, glittering light with the brightest fairy in the middle, glowing from the inside. I could hear music like a celestial choir, and instrumental hums emanating from her, as if her every move elicited an electric rhapsody of melodies. Oonagh didn't say anything—she just beamed with joy, love, and beauty.

When I asked Oonagh what she wanted to tell the readers of this book, she simply gushed, "Love." After a few moments of pregnant silence, she continued: "Be in Love. Not 'in love,' as in relationship love with just one other person, but be stationed in the midst of Love. That is what you see glowing around me. That is why your breath deepened, yon smiled, and your heart rate increased when you first caught sight of me.

"It is I who inspires ballet and other lovely dance, for the flower fairies have taught us all to be graceful ballerina dancers in so many ways. Use movement to make your heart swell with excitement and gratitude. Being stationary too long makes your legs swell and your body feel old and tired. Call upon me for the motivation to exercise, and I shall visit you at twilight and again just before dawn. I shall sprinkle over you my magical and potent fairy dust to get you moving upon awakening. I shall act as a physical therapist and dance coach to encourage you to stretch, sway, dance to rhythms in nature and music, and enjoy the beauty and grace of your heavenly body. Live in love."

Helps with:

Oonagh loves to dance and move her body, and she loves it when we engage in this activity with her. To synchronize yourself to Oonagh’s presence, imagine yourself as a graceful ballerina (male or female), dancing among the flowers. Better yet, stand up and dance in an imagined or real field of flowers. As you move around (in your imagination or in reality), think the word love repeatedly. Then, mentally ask Oonagh to dance with you. As she moves alongside you, have a mental conversation with her about your love life. Hold nothing back—tell her everything; that's on your mind: your worries, desires, past relationship issues, and; current situations. Notice how she lifts heaviness out of your heart during this conversation and helps you to feel light and carefree, which is the essence of faith. Thank Oonagh for her dance and her assistance.